Will Yates-Johnson

Royal College of Art, UK

With Polyspolia – as featured on this issue’s newsstand cover – Yates-Johnson suggests a new manufacturing model for material recycling: a plastic that can be repeatedly broken down and reformed into new objects, with no waste. www.whyj.uk

Ania Szdokonca

Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, Poland

Ania Szostak’s Dogoda’ fan is a sophisticated makeover of a classic household item. Contemporary in its construction but nostalgic in its shape, the fan merges decorative and functional design.  

Clément Chevelt

L’ESAD de Reims, France

A combination of valet stand and cheval glass, Chevelt’s ‘Miroir Noé’ is a compact object that lends itself to several functions. The freestanding design is mirrored on both sides, concealing a hanger within and storage space in the form of a low shelf.

Alexander Åsgård

HiOA, Norway

Geared to ‘serving and seating’, Åsgård’s adaptable ‘Duplé’ combines a stool, a serving tray and a side table. It’s part of a series, including a larger bench/table/tray combo, that considers how to increase furniture’s lifespan. www.alexanderaasgaard.com

Anna Heck

ÉCAL, Switzerland

Part fairy lights, part experimentation around luminous systems, Heck’s project started from an interest in the technologies of light-emitting diodes. Her lamp structure is adaptable and easy to assemble. anna-heck.tumblr.com

Charles Byron

Williams & Cleal, UK

Byron’s asymmetrical piece was inspired by traditional Chinese medicine cabinets. White resin fills the fractures on the drawers panels, while a hole is cut in the central ring and used as a handle. www.byronandgomez.co.uk

Enylee Parker

Savannah College of Art and Design, USA

Parker’s ‘Wabisabi’ mirror/table is a compositional piece that plays on the idea of interdependence. Each element could not stand by itself, but finds its meaning in the combination with the other. www.enyleeparker.com

Emma Buckley

Bath School Of Art, UK

Inspired by the vast colour palette of the textile industry, Buckley created ’Dye Lines’, a range of decorative earthernware ceramics coloured using fabric dyes absorbed through a sand blasted gap in the glaze. www.embuckley.com

Inesa Malafej

KADK, Denmark

Malafej’s three tabletop objects – lamp, wooden pencil case and tea cup/pot (the last developed with Rosenthal) – explore sculptural, minimal shapes adapted to diverse functions. www.etcetc-studio.com

Elina Ulvio

Aalto University, Finland

The ‘Obelisk’ clock is a dynamic vertical timepiece formed of moving cylinders that tell the time by rising into a tall tower. A colourful totem, Ulvio’s piece is a precious functional sculpture. www.elinaulvio.fi

Kaja Solgaard

ÉCAL, Switzerland

The Norwegian designer’s ‘Light Dependent Object’ is the result of a collaboration with Vacheron Constantin. Held by metal rods, the glass pieces play on colour, shapes and shades to create a poetic composition. www.kajasolgaard.com

Mizuki Odashiro

Musashino Art University, Japan

Odashiro’s ‘Tone’ shelf unit combines a whimsical idea with a precise technical composition. Removable tulle shelves are fixed to a metal frame using 3M Dual Lock fasteners (think industrial-grade Velcro), allowing each to bear a 5kg load. 

Caroline Cox


For her master’s in textiles, inspired by the landscape of the Scottish Highlands, Cox created a series of interior wall tiles made of pine wood. The series combines the veneer with vibrant hues that enhance and celebrate the wood grain. www.carolinecox.co.uk

Pascal Hien

Fabrica, Italy

Hien is a design resident at Fabrica, where he developed this bench as part of a larger collection of seating inspired by the relationship between guests and hosts. The project, commisioned by Airbnb, combines upholstery in careful hues, storage spaces and a simple construction. www.pascalhien.com

Viktoria Kreipke

Beckmans College of Design, Sweden

Reinterpreting the classic dressing table with a contemporary aesthetic, Kreipke designed ‘Grace’ with the idea of creating space for quality time alone or in company. Its carefully considered form includes two mirrors as well as hidden storage. www.cargocollective.com/viktoriakreipke

Edvin Klasson

AHO, Norway

While exploring ideas of originality in design, Klasson took cues from Gerrit Rietveld’s ‘Red and Blue’ chair to develop his ‘Red and White Sunlounger’, combining an iconic shape and popular appeal. www.edvinklasson.com

Amy Johnston

Central Saint Martins, UK

The textile design graduate’s degree collection was inspired by her childhood home, and the unsophisticated, intimate objects it holds. The result is bright, bold screen-printed checks and stripes. www.amyfrancesjohnston.com

Luka Jelušić

Luka Jelušić HDK, Sweden

Fascinated by the traditional barrel-making techniques of his native Croatia, Jelušić applied the craft, while studying for a master’s in applied arts and design, to explore new functions, such as this outdoor kitchen. cubodelubo.wordpress.com

Diego Garza


Steel, felt and brass are combined with humour in Garza’s ‘Pareidolia Mirrors’ series. The designer equipped his pieces with functional elements such as shelves and hangers as well as whimsical touches like scalloped edges and colourful details. www.diego-garza.com

Philippa Hornsby

Manchester School of Art, UK

A passion for both design and engineering merge in Hornsby’s works. Her ‘Penumbra’ clock – a technical take on the sun dial – uses LED to simulate solar and lunar light, shining from the edge of the frame and casting a shadow on the limestone dial. www.pippihornsby.com


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