London Design Festival 2015

As the London Design Festival (19 - 27 September) takes over the capital, we'll be bringing you the highlights as they happen, from the best new collections and brand debuts to show-stopping installations...

London Design Festival 2015: in pictures

  • New brand Matter launched at East London's One Good Deed Today in an exhibition called 'Living in the material world.' The installation took place over five days, each day relating to different sensory experiences into how we encounter materials

  • On the 'Taste' day, multisensory dining collective Whispery Savoury invited the audience to explore how our other sences influence food cravings through a listening experience


  • The 'Sight' day offered designer Zuzana Gombosova's experimentation with invisible microorganisms. Using biological and metabolic processes, she produces tangible materials from these microbes which before could not be visualised


  • South Korean designer Kyugum Hwang presented the importance of colour when creating personalised scents in her smell experience 'Scent Palette'

  • In an experience called 'Morse Code,' artist Alex Booker from Booker Printhouse showed how woodblock-printing can be communicated through sound

  • A new collection called 'Polyspolia' by London-based Will Yates-Johnson was on show during the 'Touch' experience day. The pieces can be broken and reformed with his innovative manufacturing process

  • The annual 100% Norway show was presented at Tent, pictured left are stained steel lighting by Kneip and geometric 'Spring' trays by Siv Lier on the right

  • Lara Bohinc's otherworldly collection for Lapicida launched at Decorex. The jewellery maker was turned furniture designer after her Wallpaper* Handmade collaboration with the British stone stalwarts earlier this year and now the Slovienian is experimenting further with their selection of lavish marbles on offer. Included in the 'Lunar' range is the abstract 'Full Moon' side table pictured here

  • Irish Design 2015 showed truly traditional craftsmanship with the 'Ó' exhibition at Tent. The presentation included an impressive new selection of stone, glass, ceramics, wood and textiles from over 20 designers. Left: strong green hues in the connemara marble with makes this cheeseboard by Hennessy & Byrne. Right: natural oak and leather trivet by Superfolk

  • This sculpture made from Kilkenny limestone called 'Anenome' was crafted by Helen O’Connell

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