We thought it only fair to throw open the doors to the W* House and share with you how we’d fit out our dream digs. From consoles to cupboards, beds to bookcases, the W* House features our favourite pieces of design from across the globe, room by room. When it comes to sharing our finds, we wanted to keep things simple, letting you furnish your house with the click of a mouse, the Wallpaper* way. 

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‘Lantern Light’ table lamp

Neri & Hu / Classicon

Neri & Hu were inspired by a 1977 Vico Magistretti creation for their collaboration with Munich-based brand ClassiCon. The Italian designer’s ‘Lyndon’ light (also Neri’s first name, coincidentally) was a metal structure holding a glass ball – an upright rod with an illuminated tip, which Neri & Hu liken to ‘its ancient predecessor, the fiery torch’. The pair’s reinterpretation, which commemorates the tenth anniversary of Magistretti’s death, is made of brass and hand-blown crystal and, while the original design had a metal ring encircling each glass globe, Neri & Hu’s airy creation features a handle-like appendage that leaves more space for the glass to shine.

Photography: Paola Dossi

‘Fuji’ table

Tarcisio Colzani / Porada
From £9,239

Through his extensive work for Porada, Italian designer Tarcisio Colzani has often explored patterns and repetition. The self-taught carpenter has produced a vast portfolio of furniture for the Como-based company, including a collection of ridged cupboards, a net-like wooden curtain and grid-style room dividers. This extensive experience has culminated in his latest design for the brand and perhaps his most refined to date.

Entitled ‘Fuji’, the dining table, which sits on a varnished bronzoro metal base, is crafted from Canaletto walnut and made up of 12 folded panels engineered around a void, to dramatic effect. The design, inspired by a flower bud opening and lengthening to form a corolla of petals, features a central hole that can be left as an empty decorative element but can also serve as a vase holder. Colzani’s inspiration, combined with Porada’s savoir faire, has resulted in a piece that combines simple minimalism and remarkable craftsmanship.

‘Gea’ parasol

Chi Wing Lo / Giorgetti

Giorgetti launched its inaugural outdoors offering with a sophisticated collection by Chinese designer Chi Wing Lo. Named after the Greek word for ‘earth’, the ‘Gea’ collection celebrates the openness of outdoor living. Mounted on a 360-degree swivel frame with a stainless steel or marble-insert base, the sail-like parasol is a welcome breath of fresh air in the world of sun screens.

Photography: Paola Dossi

Box system


A multifaceted storage system, Mater’s box system offers endless possibilities for all areas of the home. With an equal emphasis on style and sustainability, the modular system is crafted from ecologically harvested Indian mango wood, and is finished with an environmentally a lead-free, water-based PU lacquer. This large Sirka grey box may also be used as a side table or as wall-mounted shelving.

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‘Blink’ vanity table

Yabu Pushelberg / Stellar Works

Yabu Pushelberg’s new collection for Stellar Works, entitled ‘Blink’, includes this compact vanity table. The modernist construction is a discreet manifestation of the design duo’s clever way with shapes. Its asymmetrical form comprises tubular steel legs that curve upwards to cradle a moon-like mirror. For the designers, the collection’s main trait is an ‘inherent sweetness and happiness’. They say: ‘The pieces are based on forms that are light, sculptural and playful; there is a naïve quality to the collection that is balanced with clarity of form and simple materials.’

Photography: Paola Dossi

‘Clear’ tool box


Nomess’ clear acrylic tools box is the ideal solution for dressing table and desktop clutter. Perfectly sized to hold makeup tools and products, the box accommodates four compartments of varying sizes as well as a fully flexible handle for easy transportation.

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‘Grand Sofà’

Antonio Citterio / Vitra

Vitra has collaborated with designer Antonio Citterio for more than 25 years, the brand’s most durable design relationship to date. The latest collaboration is the ‘Grand Sofà’ series, which meshes modernity with comfort. ‘When you think about a sofa, you have to think about how people live,’ says Citterio, noting how the domestic use of a sofa has changed significantly over the years, the piece becoming the focus of a multi-functional family room. His design reflects these societal changes, serving as a generously proportioned soft platform for free time, with a modular composition that allows for multiple arrangements.

Photography: Paola Dossi

‘Mellow’ vase

Studio Hattern

Studio Hattern’s ‘Mellow’ vase is a minimalist interpretation of the moments of colour, tone, texture and light conveyed in Impressionist paintings. Graduating tones of green and blue are paired with a blurred transparent finish that causes the acrylic vase's colours to change and diffuse under the effect of refracted lighting. The result is an object that offers a unique experience of colour and light through a contemporary realisation of an iconic art movement.

Available from WallpaperSTORE*

‘Time Machine’ clock

Lee Broom
Price on request

Lee Broom’s brand turned ten this year and, to celebrate the milestone, the London based designer staged an immersive installation in a disused vault in the Milano Centrale train station, creating a large-scale carousel to display his best designs of the past decade. New pieces were also introduced, such as a traditional grandfather clock carved from a monolithic block of Carrara marble and brass with a design inspired by Brutalist architecture. Broom explains that he has had a long-term fascination with the grandfather clock ever since discovering one at his grandparents’ house as a child and becoming obsessed with its mechanisms and majestic appearance. His symmetric version features sleek faceted angles and straight lines, and decoration is kept to a minimum, allowing the simple brass hands and elegant pendulum to take centre stage.

Photography: Paola Dossi


‘Margot’ water goblet

Fferrone Design
£116 for set of two

Combining intricate detailing with innovative production techniques and materials, Fferrone’s ‘Margot’ collection presents a new take on cut glass. Each 450ml water goblet offers two vessels — one in place of a traditional stem — formed from fluted borosilicate glass created without the use of moulds. The result is a glassware duo that is equally suited to both everyday and formal settings.

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‘Hotel Royal’ bed

Terri Pecora / Zanotta
Price on request

American designer Terri Pecora describes her work as ‘aesthetic functionality’, and her latest project for Zanotta adheres to that credo. Her streamlined ‘Hotel Royal’ bed features a simple upholstered frame with a functional built-in side table that adds an unusual asymmetric silhouette.

Photography: Paola Dossi

‘Polifemo’ cabinet

Elena Salmistraro / De Castelli
Price on request

Elena Salmistraro wanted to create a cabinet that upended traditional typologies, so she turned to Greek mythology for inspiration. The aesthetic for her ‘Polifemo’ cabinet for De Castelli – which formed part of the Italian metal specialist’s ‘Tracing Identity’ project at this year’s Salone del Mobile – is informed by the cyclopes, the primordial race of giants with one eye in the middle of their forehead. The giants’ singular characteristic metamorphoses into the handle and central feature of the cabinet, while thin metal legs support the copper-clad wooden structure, adorned with a decorative engraved pattern.

Photography: Paola Dossi

‘Minima Moralia’ room divider

Christophe de la Fontaine / Dante – Goods And Bads

Launched during Maison et Objet, German studio Dante Goods And Bads’ ‘Minima Moralia’ forms part of the brand’s ‘Metropolitan Improvemen’ collection. Designed by Christophe de la Fontaine, the folding screen is crafted from grey-coloured bended steel and also features pleated fabric, which adds an elegant finish to its industrial aesthetic.

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‘Era’ armchair

David Lopez Quincoces / Living Divani

We’re used to the sleek, well-proportioned designs that David Lopez Quincoces has created for Living Divani over the years, and the new ‘Era’ armchair is proof of how well the designer and the brand work together. Spanish-born, Milan-based Lopez Quincoces created a sophisticated chair that pairs minimal tubular steel legs in gunmetal grey with a welcoming padded curved seat and back. Forming part of a product family that includes a dining chair and a coffee table and is characterised by the same slim lines, the ‘Era’ armchair is available in a discreet grey or rich burgundy, in fabric or leather upholstery.

Photography: Paola Dossi

‘Naia’ table mirror


At first glance, JCP’s ‘Naia’ table mirror could be a globe. Balanced on a matte brass cylindrical base and held in place by a semi-circular frame, the circular polished steel mirror spins on an axis in an ironic duality of vanity conceived by CTRLZAK. The reverse of each handmade mirror has a veined marble surface that is unique to each piece.

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‘Face’ mirror

Studio CC / Ceccotti Collezioni

Founded in 1988 by Franco Ceccotti, Italian company Ceccotti Collezioni has notched up an impressive portfolio of designer collaborations, working with likeminded creatives such as Todd Bracher, Studio Drift and Noé Duchaufour-Lawrance to build a collection that features undulating wood constructions and tasteful forms. These artistic exchanges have no doubt inspired the Tuscan brand’s own creative team, Studio CC. Its pieces, which include beds, sideboards and lighting, are just as exquisite as those created in collaboration with international design stars. The ‘Face’ mirrors, for example, feature a traditional design that eschews nostalgia in favour of a light frame that blends sinuous curves and straight lines. The mirrors are available in solid American walnut in a variety of finishes, including a special shellac polish.

Photography: Paola Dossi

‘Caprera’ tables

Massimo Castagna / Exteta
Rectangular table €1,640; round, €1,330

Since launching ten years ago, Italian garden furniture brand Exteta has produced everything from red cedar sunbeds and brass lights to large teahouse pavilions and outdoor kitchens at its workshop near Milan. To celebrate its tenth anniversary, the company joined forces with architect Massimo Castagna to produce a collection that highlights the brand’s connection to nature and sense of space. Named after a small island off the Sardinian coast, these coffee tables feature wood and marble assembled in a jigsaw-like fashion, and form part of a collection that sees Exteta and Castagna play with a diverse range of materials. A lounger and chair with matching dowel legs are also available.

Photography: Paola Dossi

‘Rust’ box

Prin London

Taken from Prin London’s debut homeware collection ‘Rust’, this circular trinket was created by mixing metal particles taken from key cutting and other metalworking workshops across London, with gypsum and acrylic. The result is a handmade piece that features its own unique series of characteristics due to the metal dust oxidation, which imparts a unique texture varying in colour and intensity and is enhanced as the materials change slowly over time in a reflection of their relationship with their owners.

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'Équipages d’Hermès’ desk

Studio Hermès
Price on request

With artistic director Pierre-Alexis Dumas at the helm, Hermès has been nurturing an impressive home-grown design team under the name of Studio Hermès. Its latest furniture and home accessories collection, presented at this year’s Salone del Mobile in Milan, features a series of sophisticated pieces, including a leather-lined serving trolley, an occasional table and small boxes. Our favourite piece, undoubtedly, is this modular ‘Équipages d’Hermès’ writing desk. Made of natural oak, it’s a perfectly proportioned writing table with a small double-drawer storage unit, partly clad in fawn bull calf leather, that can be positioned under or next to the table.

Photography: Paola Dossi

'Dome' lamps

Analogia Project / Slamp

Designer Andrea Mancuso and architect Emilia Serra have worked together, under the Analogia Project tag, since meeting at the Royal College of Art in 2010. Recent projects have included an installation for WallpaperSTORE* during Milan Design Week and this collaboration with lighting company Slamp. Taking inspiration from Roman architecture and mosaics of Medusa, the ‘Dome’ lamp features an LED source that reflects light through a discreet play of colours and transparency. Slamp’s manufacturing of the piece, available in two sizes and in a range of hues, combines cutting-edge technology and craftsmanship.

‘Echo’ side table

Mark Albrecht

Mixing minimalism and modernism, Mark Albrecht studio has developed a fresh take on the side table with this new piece. Launched this summer, the table is a combination of wood, steel and leather to form a utilitarian piece handmade in Albrecht’s New York workshop. The round, vertical shaft of the ‘Echo’ minimises vibration, and the ‘Solist’ – a version with only the top tray – is ideal for sliding under a sofa to maximize living space. 'With my latest work, I feel I am probing deeper into my roots as a sculptor,' says Albrecht, who reaches the perfect balance between the practical and ornamental in the entire new collection that also includes mirror and table lamp.

'56' daybed

Ron Gilad / Adele C
Price on request

Ron Gilad’s way with wit has long been part of the designer’s oeuvre. This visual amusement is something that is undeniable in his latest project for Italian furniture brand Adele-C. The '56' daybed quirkily plays with scale; it is an upholstered seat with legs that take the form of Thonet's 'no.14' chairs that have been shrunk and reproduced in lacquered steel.  ‘While creating pieces for Adele-C, I allowed myself the freedom to play with extreme irony and scale, while maintaining the balance between the useful and the abstract’ explains Gilad, ‘going all the way to the edge of the cliff but not jumping off.’

‘Cake and More’ tray

Karen Chekerdjian

This tray by Lebanese designer Karen Chekerdjian’s presents an elegant way to serve cake – and more. The food safe gold-plated brass item comprises a circular tray atop a conical stand and features a beautiful hand-etched geometric pattern on its surface.

Available from WallpaperSTORE*

‘Curva’ magazine holder


Undulating strands come together to form AYTM's ‘Curva’ magazine holder, a playful yet sleek storage solution. Between each rise and fall of the thin brass-finished bars, space is created for magazines and small books to sit neatly in a beautiful design that will introduce a contemporary aesthetic into any space.

Available from WallpaperSTORE*

‘Aida’ table lamp

Angelo Mangiarotti / Karakter Copenhagen

Italian architect Angelo Mangiarotti was better known for his buildings and sculptures, but he also designed some sublime lighting pieces. Danish brand Karakter is reissuing his ‘Aida’ lamp, designed in 1988 for Veart. It’s a perfectly balanced piece consisting of a slanted black base and a frosted glass shade connected by a slim stem. The light bulb, meanwhile, is hidden in the base, illuminating the shade from below to cast a soft glow.

Photography: Rebecca Scheinberg. As originally featured in the July 2017 issue of Wallpaper* (W*220)

'Simple' writing desk

OEO Studio / HBF furniture

Danish minimalism marries American craft in this writing desk. Launched at NeoCon fair in Chicago, the wooden piece has an adaptable shape designed by Copenhagen-based OEO Studio as a 'simple' workspace (just as the title alludes). There is nothing simple about the manufacturing though; created by American furniture company HBF, their fine wood adds subtle warmth and rigour to the model, drawing it away from the corporate office furniture aesthetic.

‘Cantili’ tape dispenser

Beyond Object

Conceived by Hanhsi Chen and Shikai Tseng of London studio Poetic Lab, this tape dispenser is an accurate summary of the duo’s design approach, where functional objects are stripped down to their most basic elements and shaped into sculptural forms. Simple, elegant and modern, this dispenser consists of just a pair of matte black zinc steel concave circles and a cantilever from which the tape is torn.

Available from WallpaperSTORE*

‘Fortress’ vase

Lara Bohinc
Price on request

These geometric vases by designer Lara Bohinc take their initial cues from the octagonal towers at the Diocletian Palace in Croatia. Unlike the building's standard eight-sided form, the ‘Fortress’ vase collection creates new interlocking hexagonal shapes that turn into the complex sculptures. Each of the ceramic forms are hand crafted in an artisan workshop in Italy and futuristic versions appear from dark gold and bronze finishes.

‘Ace’ bowl

Michaël Verheyden

Michaël Verheyden’s ‘Ace’ bowl bears all the hallmarks of the Belgian's signature designs. Rich cream Calacatta Viola marble interspersed with burgundy veins is expertly honed into a smooth hollow diamond to form a bowl that is as much decorative as it is functional.

Available from WallpaperSTORE*

‘Homework’ collection

Home Studios
Price on request

After years of creating stylish interiors for restaurants and bars around the US, Home Studios has launched its first furniture and objects collection, wittily named Homework. The Brooklyn-based design studio, whose creative flair has defined the look of cherished local haunts such as Tørst in Brooklyn, Gwen in LA, and Seaworthy at the Ace Hotel in New Orleans, has always custom-designed furniture and lighting for its interiors projects, so launching its own range was a natural next step. The collection, which includes a table, vase, mirror, shelf and sconce, incorporates a variety of noble materials, such as marble, plated silver, leather and rose gold glass. ‘We looked a lot at the paintings of Édouard Vuillard, Pierre Bonnard and Peter Doig, and the photographs of Brassaï and Paul Strand, among others,’ says Oliver Haslegrave, who founded the firm with his brother Evan in 2009. The pieces focus on ‘the process of craft and continual experimentation’, Haslegrave adds, just like the studio’s evocative environments. Homework launched at Sight Unseen Offsite last month.

As originally featured in the June 2017 issue of Wallpaper* (W*219)