We thought it only fair to throw open the doors to the W* House and share with you how we’d fit out our dream digs. From consoles to cupboards, beds to bookcases, the W* House features our favourite pieces of design from across the globe, room by room. When it comes to sharing our finds, we wanted to keep things simple, letting you furnish your house with the click of a mouse, the Wallpaper* way. 

Selected gallery

Latest additions


‘Fizi’ and ‘Float’ table lamps

Articolo Lighting
Price on request

Articolo gives its sculptural lighting a new lease of life with fresh table iterations. The Australian artisan lighting studio adds rich materials to its handblown pieces like hints of brass and warm marble turning them into geometric ornaments for the home. Articolo are also celebrating the opening of a new Melbourne showroom to coincide with the launches, designed by architect David Goss.

‘Kyoto’ mini architecture system

Note Design Studio / Zilenzio
Price on request

Swedish firm Note Design Studio describes its new room dividers as ‘architectural microcosms’. The system takes inspiration directly from the Japanese city it’s named after, in particular the architectural beauty and harmony. The modular pieces are as functional as they are stylish too. Simply held together by magnets, the insulated dividers are set within ash frames to ease manoeuvrability lend harmony to the space.

‘Cassina 999’ paperweight

BBMDS / Luce di Carrara

Teaming up with Italian architecture and design studio BBMDS, Luce di Carrara has produced ‘Casina 999’, a limited series of 999 marble mini-houses based on an exploration of the concept of home. The proceeds of the sale of the houses will support the activities of charity ActionAid’s project SIS.M.I.CO that works together with communities affected by earthquakes in central Italy. Minimally-shaped, the small paperweight takes on its own unrepeatable personality, thanks to the use of marmo bianco dell'altissimo.

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‘O Mirror’


Exposed polished edges, circular form and a spherical brass base elevate Minimalux’s ‘O Mirror’ from functional tool to stylish home accessory. At first glance, the mirror appears to be a feat of balance, but observe the base which remains firm and rooted to flat surfaces whilst also able to rotate on its axis.

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‘Globe’ lamp


American interior design studio Workstead favours a minimalist palette in its designs. The studio has expanded its 'Signal' lighting range with a new addition, the ‘Globe’ lamp. The delicate piece features a thin pull chain and a large glass globe for a poetic, jewel-like finish. ‘Globe’ is available in brass, silver and nickel finishes.

‘S5 Torch’ lighting bunch

Sylvain Willenz / Established & Sons

In an ultra modern take on the chandelier, Sylvain Willenz's 'S5 Torch' for Established & Sons references both the torch and car headlights in its playful design. Combining a bundle of five black lights in varying sizes, each one bearing a grainy matt exterior surface, the bold light is a showstopping centrepiece and features a 140cm drop that is ideal for double height spaces.

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‘Magazyn’ furniture collection

Thomas Haarmann / Magazyn
From £620

Ten years after opening Antwerp interior design store Magazyn, Thomas Haarmann has released a furniture collection under the same name. A sofa, armchair, lounge chair and living room accessories constitute the six-strong set. ‘It’s not loud, but if you feel the products and the finish, you realise that it’s not ordinary’, says Haarmann, noting how the pieces convey a luxury, yet minimalist aesthetic. Each piece features a slight play on its traditional form – the armchair is proportionally oversized to curl up in, the sofa is deeper to sink back into, and the loungechair quietly boasts a softened layer of leather to appear more casual despite its upright posture.

‘Palazzo’ valet tray

Stephane Parmentier / GioBagnara

Inspired by the architecture of Italy's many palazzos, GioBagnara's 'Palazzo' collection pairs one of the country's most famous raw materials — travertine — with 100% leather and nappa. This valet tray — designed by Stéphane Parmentier — comprises a sturdy travertine structure with a raised border, and is lined with supple leather. Featuring discreet rubber feet for grip underneath, the tray is ideal for holding watches, cufflinks, rings and other trinkets and accessories.

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‘Excavation’ sculptures

Wang & Söderström / Unique Board
From $500

Copenhagen-based design studio Wang & Söderström were inspired by the science of archaeology and the readings of human activity for their series of sculptural vases 'Excavation.’ Bought to life by New York-based Unique Board, they use 3D printing to join together the plaster and monochrome resin. The result is a range of abstract and vibrant vessels that are imbued with a playful confetti-style design.

‘Meme’ vases

Katia Tolsykh
Price on request

Multi-disciplinary Russian designer Katia Tolstykh looked to brutalist Soviet vases and sculptures as the starting point for her ‘Meme’ vase collection. Each of the abstract designs take subtle cues from impressive brutalist shapes, but Tolstykh realises them in a smaller scale, and more playful tones. Her contemporary collection uses pastel blues, pinks and oranges to create geometric patterns on the vases for a particularly unique range.

'Sat' reading lamp

Pietro Russo / Pietro Russo Design
Price on request

Milan-based Studio Pietro Russo Design had an eclectic array of inspirations for its 'Sat Reading' lamp, from nature to science fiction. The whimsical design sees a dodecagonal brass ferrule sat between two opal glass pieces, appearing like a robotic lens. This is held together by a polychrome marble base to create a retro-futuristic table lamp. The playful piece arrives in a magnitude of contrasted marble finishes, suiting a host of different environments.

Writer: Luke Halls


'Trio' unit

Achille Castiglioni / Karakter

Milanese designer Achille Castiglioni thought a lot about lost spaces. So much so that many of his designs were intended to slot into the empty corners of the home — areas where precious square metres and inches were lost due to layout. Designed by Castiglioni in collaboration with Giancarlo Pozzi, 'Trio' is a triangular multipurpose unit intended to fit into empty corners. Crafted from black stained oak, the unit offers three shelves and will make the most out of awkwardly shaped voids at home and in the office.

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‘Herringbone’ collection

Phil Cuttance
Price on request

Designer Phil Cuttance takes pride in the fact that his ‘Herringbone’ series is handmade at his London studio. The geometric shapes start as paper patterns which he then turns into his Jesmonite forms. For the new collection, he realises three different structures – a tray, vase and a pen pot – all adorned with graphic patterns on the surface. The range is available in a roster of colours including brick red, taupe and sage green.

Photography: Martina Lang

‘Cirque’ platter

Other Kingdom

Designed by Other Kingdom, the ‘Cirque’ platter mesmerises in spite of — or perhaps, because of — its simplicity. Carved from black gold marble, the platter reveals a complex network of veins and unexpected pattern on each surface in a celebration of nature and raw materials.

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‘Folkifunki Elephant’ vase

Jaime Hayon / Vista Alegre

A bold, unmistakable palette of red and blue accented with hints of gold is the unifying aesthetic of the Folkifunki collection by Jaime Hayon. Created for Vista Alegre, each piece in this series of decorative porcelain tableware is adorned with a unique artwork inspired by animals, plants, masks or images, including elements of national folklore. This vase takes its inspiration from the elephant, seen clearly in its silhouette and depiction of facial characteristics, and can be displayed when empty as an original piece of art.

Available from WallpaperSTORE*

‘Quindici’ chair

Ronan and Erwan Bouroulle / Mattiazzi
Price on request

After the sculpted wood ‘Osso’ collection, and the ‘Uncino’ task chairs with black metal rods, the prolific Bouroullec brothers have come up with another sublime design for Italian furniture company Mattiazzi. The French design duo’s ‘Quindici’ lounger is a striking piece with an angled back and sharp lines that give more than a few nods to Gerrit Rietveld’s iconic ‘Red Blue’ chair. Its rigid construction, made of ash wood in natural, black or grey, is complemented by an upholstered element (not pictured here) – a first for Mattiazzi, which has been producing wooden furniture from its workshop near Trieste since 1979. The upholstery is a discreet and thin addition, creating what Ronan Bouroullec calls a ‘sandwich’ effect, complemented by a selection of three Kvadrat/Raf Simons ‘Vidar’ fabrics in white, dark green and black to contrast with the wood. A chaise longue version is also available.

Photography: Paola Dossi

‘Stargazer’ candleholder

Lara Bohinc / Lapicida

Designed by Lara Bohinc for stone specialists Lapicida, the ‘Lunar’ collection is inspired by orreries – solar system models that have been used since classical times. Here, this translates to the ‘Stargazer’ — a sculptural candleholder comprising a buiscaro rosa marble body and polished brass arms that include a holder for a single candle.

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‘Arch’ trays

New Duivendrecht
From €49

The architectural form of an arch is the starting point for these concrete trays by Dutch design studio New Duivendrecht. Described as ‘table architecture’ the ornamental pieces play with balance between the thick, solid concrete and the opposing hollow space it creates sitting on the surface. Available in an array of diffrent shades, including a quieter beige and vibrant scarlet tones, the trays match together to create a subtle puzzle of pattern too.

Photography: New Duivendrecht

‘Parure II’ centrepiece

Cristina Celestino / Paola C

Designed by Cristina Celestino for Paola C, the ‘Dolce Vita’ collection is a celebration of Italy in the 1950s — an era whose charm is defined by a distinct joie de vivre, irony and optimism. In a contemporary take on this epoch, Celestino has designed a series of functional items that beautifully encapsulate this tone. Crafted from borosilicate blown glass, the ‘Parure II’ centrepiece is both striking and elegant, with sophisticated brushed brass detailing and a light blue bowl that has been coloured and silked internally.

Available from WallpaperSTORE*

'Flat' rocking chair

Mario Ruiz / Gandia Blasco

Spanish designer Mario Ruiz has expanded Gandia Blasco’s Flat collection of outdoor furniture with a new rocking chair, formed from the same aluminium structure as the other elements in the range. Lightweight and sleek, this comforting piece of modernism promises hours of idle contemplation.

Writer: Jonathan Bell

‘Stele’ cabinet

Samuel Chan / Channels
Price on request

Samuel Chan’s new ‘Stele’ cabinets for Channels have a monolithic, sci-fi appearance, with all six functional elements united by exactly the same proportions. If you are seeking some kind of universal order – at home as well as work – then the complete set of larder, bureau, wardrobe, bar and two shelving units can be mixed and matched to create a world of universal harmony. As with all of Chan’s work, meticulous craftsmanship is paired with elegant lines. We’re especially taken by the clever bar unit, a brooding but fun-filled presence (with secret side storage for special vintages) that’s perfect for the corner of any corner office or executive den.

Stripe bowls

Grete Prytze Kittelsen / Cathrineholm
From €35

Often referred to as the queen of Scandinavian design in the mid-20th century, Norwegian designer Grete Prytz Kittelsen, who hobnobbed with the likes of the Eameses and Alvar Aalto, was known initially for her work in gold and silver. When deliberately embarking on more democratic design in the 1950s, she discovered ironworks Cathrineholm, an expert in enamelling, and a highly lauded collaboration began. When she died in 2010, Kittelsen’s children held the rights to her designs until Danish retailer Imerco bought them exclusively three years ago. It is slowly reissuing her work, under the Cathrineholm label, starting with the ‘Stripes’ bowls, with the ‘Cathedral’ and ‘Sensation’ series to follow.

'Half Charlotte' lamp

Studio Fuksas / Slamp
Price on request

Slamp’s latest architectural collaborations bring big names to small lights. Alongside new products by Daniel Libeskind and the late Zaha Hadid, there is ‘Charlotte’, a set of three lights by Doriana and Massimiliano Fuksas. The venerable Italian modernists have created a multilayered design that references the structural mesh of many of their major glass buildings. It can be hung or placed on the floor, creating architectural statements through the mix of veiled light and shadow.

Writer: Jonathan Bell

'Sissi' chair

Ludovica and Roberto Palomba / Driade
Price on request

Design duo Ludovica and Roberto Palomba looked at traditional Viennese bentwood chairs for their collaboration with Driade. ‘This modern design winks cheekily at the past and at the female world,’ say the designers. ‘The merging and intersecting rings look as if they have been bent by the hand of a Viennese craftsman, an elegant and design archetype.’ The chair (designed for indoor, but suitable for outdoor use as well) is available in a series of pastel colours, and can be ‘dressed’ with a variety of fabric or leather covers in different colours and patterns, ‘just like a confident woman changes her clothes to suit her mood.’

Photography: Paola Dossi

'Lei-Lui' armoured cabinet

Price on request

Agresti’s elegant armoires are a more than acceptable way of placing a strongbox in plain sight. Its armoured cabinets are exquisitely finished but supremely secure, with biometric tech for opening and secret compartments galore for stashing everything from jewellery to documents. The latest finishes for the Lei-Lui range includes matte Canaletto walnut and embroidered leather, with optional gold hardware. Inside, integrated Swiss-made watch winders keep your investments ticking over as well as away from prying eyes.

Writer: Jonathan Bell

‘WireRing’ lamp

Formafantasma / Flos
Price on request

Andrea Trimarchi and Simone Farresin of design studio Formafantasma have always had a penchant for poetic illumination. And this year was definitely a light year for the pair, who presented both an immersive retrospective of their past lighting works, as well as two new lamps developed with Italian lighting giant Flos. Their ‘WireRing’ wall lamp is a simple idea turned into a functional feat of technology, combining a geometric form with a belt-like LED strip. Available in a variety of colours and finishes, the ‘WireRing’ lamp is an example of minimal design achieving maximum effect.

Photography: Baker Evans. Writer: Rosa Bertoli

'VL38' desk lamp

Vilhelm Lauritzen / Louis Poulsen

One of Denmark’s leading architects, Vilhelm Lauritzen also created a number of fixtures and fittings, and Louis Poulsen has relaunched one of the best, the ‘VL38’ lamp. Originally created for Copenhagen’s Radio House in the 1930s, it is now available in black and chrome.

Writer: Jonathan Bell

'Ibis' sofa

Terry Crews / Bernhardt Design
From $5,500

Celebrity collaborations are rare on the ground in the furniture industry. The actor and former NFL footballer Terry Crews has worked with Bernhardt Design to create a five-piece collection that is inspired by midcentury designs, as well as by his longterm obsession with ancient Egypt. Crews’ background in illustration is pushed to the fore: the ‘Lily’ chairs and ‘Float’ tables are based on the forms and proportions of hieroglyphs, with an added spindly, Googie twist, while the ‘Ibis’ sofa references the outstretched wings of the sacred Egyptian bird. Stainless or matte steel and American walnut are paired with pastel upholstery from Bernhardt Design’s own textiles division.

Writer: Jonathan Bell

‘Assembly’ chair

Diesel Living / Moroso

Conceived by the in-house design team at Diesel, the ‘Assembly’ chair combines luxurious details, such as plush velvet in a variety of rich shades, with industrial touches (namely the prominent steel bolt keeping the design together). Aptly called ‘Assembly’, the chair is formed of two modules joined at the side, and although its structure was inspired by industrial tools and water pipes, its execution and materials add a sleek sophistication to the more utilitarian elements of the design. The ‘Assembly’ is available as a single chair or as a love seat, with a further version, featuring a hollow seat, doubling as a dining chair.

Photography: Paola Dossi

‘111 Navy’ counter stool

Emeco / Emeco

Emeco’s new ‘111 Navy’ counter stool is a hard-wearing addition to the collection, with a form derived from the wartime military aluminium chair, just like its shorter stablemates. The American-made bar stools are heavy-duty but also gentler on the environment, thanks to the use of 100 per cent recycled plastic instead of metal (the ‘Navy’ chairs contained 111 bottles – the stool contains 150). The new Beach colour adds more flexibility to a functional object with a strong heritage and a light environmental touch.

As originally featured in the November 2017 issue of Wallpaper* (W*224)