Aqui Thami wins Hublot Design Prize 2023

Activist Aqui Thami is recognised by the Hublot Design Prize 2023 for her multidisciplinary practice benefitting the women and girls of Mumbai

Hublot design prize 2023 winner Aqui Thami
Hublot Design Prize 2023 winner Aqui Thami
(Image credit: Hublot)

Aqui Thami is the winner of the Hublot Design Prize 2023, the annual competition launched by Hublot in 2015 to recognise original designers under 40.

Thami has been recognised for the social impact of her work, which benefits women and girls in her local community in Mumbai. Her eclectic portfolio includes founding South Asia’s first feminist library, the Sister Library, and spearheading graphic and social design, art and performance. 

Hublot design prize winner

The Hublot Design Award jury including Hans Ulrich Obrist, Tawanda Chiweshe, Alice Rawsthorn and Marva Griffin

(Image credit: Hublot)

The jury, composed of Marva Griffin, the founder of Milan's Salone Satellite, Hans Ulrich Obrist, artistic director of London's Serpentine Gallery, Alice Rawsthorn, design critic, author and former Wallpaper* Guest Editor, and Tawanda Chiweshe, a creative director and industrial designer. ‘This year was amazing, given the variety and quality of the projects a new generation of hybrid designers is emerging, less focused on objects and more conscious of social and environmental issues,’ says Obrist, president of the Hublot Design Prize jury.

Hublot design prize winner

Work by Aqui Thami 

(Image credit: Hublot)

Finalist Gabriel Fontana was awarded the Pierre Keller Prize for his work with sport, and the way he uses it for positive social impact. Other finalists, including Deema Assaf, Jibbe Van Schie, Germane Barnes and Trifle Studio, were recognised for the innovative ways they support the community. 

Says Hublot CEO, Ricardo Guadalupe: ‘Design is in Hublot's DNA, and we are proud to be able to reward the talent of young designers worldwide, and help boost their careers.’ 

This year’s award follows the Hublot Design Prize 2022 win by Nifemi Marcus-Bello, whose community projects with an ethnographic bent include a Wallpaper* Design Award-winning portable handwashing station.

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