Anxiety was the inspiration for Central Saint Martins graduate Charlotte Garnett’s debut jewellery collection, ’Cure for the Itch’. After researching the historic use of practical jewellery in combating stress, she devised a set of pebbles that combine ebony, resin and precious metals in ergonomic shapes. ‘It’s a way that humans have to block things out,’ she says, explaining how the repetitive nature of the movements helps our brain filter excess stimuli.

The abstract shapes of her six pocket pebbles encourage fiddling, and are discreet enough to resemble precious objects rather than anti-stress devices. Her collection also includes a series of spinning rings, as well as a brooch, made of fiddle sticks, dedicated to former smokers. Garnett offers a fresh, non-judgmental perspective on mental health that combines a practical solution with a sublime aesthetic. ‘The aim of the game is to be discreet,’ she says. ‘The pieces don’t appear to be associated with wellbeing – they are personal totems.’

As originally featured in the January 2016 issue of Wallpaper* (W*202)