OKKO Lafayette — Lyon, France

OKKO Lafayette — Lyon, France

In recent years, the trend for affordable design-led accommodation has flourished. And while brands such as Citizen M has meant low-budget travellers need not to slum it anymore, there is one company that is quietly plugging away to take the concept to the next level.

Launched earlier this year in Nantes, followed swiftly with a second opening in Grenoble, the latest hotel to open its doors is located in Lyon, proving that the rate the OKKO group is turning out new properties, it’s only a matter of time before it completely corners France’s market in chic, well-priced lodgings.

Patrick Norguet headlines the interior design of the OKKO Lafayette Lyon with a classic modern bent. In sticking to the brand’s MO, the main public area comprises The Club that, open 24 hours a day, serves a selection of snacks and drinks that are included in the overall room rates. Made up of different seating spaces, The Club is dressed with contemporary furnishings and splashed in swathes of bold greens and cheerful fuchsias, that entice guests to linger over the paper or simply kill time browsing the internet.

Thanks to the building’s traditional Haussmann architecture, many of the 85 rooms have their own balconies that open onto views of the Rhône. And while they are - frankly - on the cosy side, what they lack in space, is more than made up for in their smart arrangement, which includes a bathroom, hidden within an eye-catching slatted space. 

The hotel’s location - a short stride over the river to the Presqu’Ile district - is a particular plus, as well as a reflection of the group’s ability to pick interesting locations. The culinary delights of Les Halles, the Musée des Beaux Arts and the charming old town of Quartier Saint-Jean are all within easy reach.

Available only in France for the moment, OKKO Hotels has announced a series of eight more openings in the country, proving further that their enhanced concept for chic and cheerful lodgings, is a winner.

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