After years of decline, the Warsaw cinema in the city of Liberec in the Czech Republic, is finally coming back to life thanks to a group of young architects and recent graduates from the local Technical University, who - in a bid to restore the Art Deco jewel - founded the not-for-profit association, ‘Save the Warsaw Cinema’. Built in 1922 by architects Josef Effenberger and Fritz Noppes, the building’s noteworthy details such as stucco ceilings and mosaic floor tiles - which were laid in the 1960s - have been refurbished, while brass lighting fixtures - that were found under the stage of the main hall - now take pride of place in the former lobby, which has been transformed into the Kino Káva café. Furnished with simple wooden chairs and a bespoke bar, the cosy spot is the perfect place to enjoy homemade cakes and bagels.