Tower Park Praha — Prague, Czech Republic

Tower Park Praha
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A room with a view is a bit of an understatement when it comes to this new five-star, one-room hotel sited in Prague's recently renovated television tower. Housed in its own capsule, the luxury suite – not part of the original renovation plans, but conceived as a result of some unexpected saved space – is perched 70m above the city and fitted with Vitra furnishings, a Hastens bed and a freestanding tub from which you can soak in the view. Located in a quiet park in Prague's distinctive Žižkov neighbourhood – a residential area known for its bars, cafes and clubs - the 216m Tower Park Praha (renamed from Žižkov Television Tower) was built in 1985 and completed in 1992. Owned by ?eské Radiokomunikace, the tower still serves its original telecommunications function. However, from 93m down, the Oreathea group, who signed a twenty-year lease on the tower's public spaces, hired Prague-based Atelier SAD to transform the interior. Including a new restaurant, bistro and bar at 66m and an updated observation platform at 93m, the result is a minimalistic design, complemented by some unique detailing and a space age-esque feel – all of which enhance a truly out-of this-world view.


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