Spa experiences in superlative surroundings, to revitalise mind and body

These spa experiences offer the ultimate in wellness and relaxation in serene settings around the world

Installation-style entrance to Cellularium Spa, Prague, Czech Republic, among our pick of best spa experiences
Cellularium Spa, Prague, Czech Republic
(Image credit: BoysPlayNice. Courtesy of Formafatal)

Forget the traditional spa experiences you've come across until now, experiential wellness is paving the way – post-sauna cold showers are being replaced with innovative treatments like cold cryotherapy, while Japanese onsens with breathtaking views are preferred over small wooden saunas. Not to forget that the light, sound, temperature, humidity, textures, materials and smells of a retreat are equally as important as a breathtaking location. From mood therapy using state-of-the-art bio-hacking technology to treatments inspired by the world's longest-lived locations, along with architectural masterpieces built in impossible locations, keep reading to discover the best spa experiences right now to revitalise mind and body.

Best spa experiences, from Ise-Shima to Chicago

Onsen Spa at The Amanemu Resort, Ise-Shima, Japan

best experiential spas

(Image credit: Sohei Oya, Nacasa & Partners Inc. © Amanresorts Limited 1996-present)

The Amanemu Resort stands proudly amidst the serene hills of Ise-Shima, near Ago Bay, and rethinks the traditional Japanese ryokan inn experience. At this secluded sanctuary, guests can indulge in rejuvenating sessions at the resort's 2,000 sq m spa, which spotlights the therapeutic power of water. The wellness centre is rooted in Japan's ancient onsen bathing tradition and blends Japanese healing practices with nature-inspired therapies from across the globe.

The centrepiece is an ample hot-spring bath that utilises mineral-rich waters from Ise-Shima. The resort also offers bespoke immersions that integrate private movement and specialist therapy sessions, spa treatments, nutritional support, and other experiences that aid guests in reconnecting body and mind. It's worth noting that the resort also has its very own signature facial, which is performed using Aman's skincare line. This includes ultrasonic scrubbing, electric muscle stimulation, cryo bulbs and a hydrating marine mineral mask, plus face and eye masks from Aman's collaboration with 111Skin.

The Longevity Spa at Portrait Milano, Milan, Italy

best experiential spas round-up

(Image credit: Tim Labenda. Courtesy of Portrait Milano)

Portrait Milano has become the world’s first hotel to host The Longevity Suite’s spa, a leading biohacking and anti-age brand in Europe. The spot becomes a hub of urban wellness rooted in the longevity method – cold exposure, detoxification, and aesthetic awareness are at the core of the offered treatments, complemented by the wet area featuring a pool, steam room, sauna, gym, and treatment rooms.

Inspired by the ‘Blue Zones’, the five longest-lived locations on Earth, the Longevity Spa offers guests rapid recovery from daily stress. Here, cutting-edge biohacking practices and insights from longevity-focused lifestyles converge to redefine ageing. To alleviate any residual grogginess from your journey, begin with the suite's 'Jet Lag Blessing Ritual' on arrival. Here, cold therapy, sensory deprivation, LED therapy, binaural sounds, and inhalation aromatherapy combine with acupressure to stimulate melatonin production and restore circadian rhythms.

Euphoria Retreat, Mystras, Greece

best experiential spas round-up

(Image credit: Margarita Nikitaki. Courtesy of DECA Architecture)

The Euphoria Retreat, situated near the Unesco World Heritage Site of Mystras, calls itself the first destination spa in Greece. Spanning a total area of 3,000 sq m, the four-level spa was carved into the ground and built alongside a cypress forest. The spa seeks to be an orderly and free-flowing space, achieved through light, sound, temperature, humidity, textures, materials and smells adjusted to create immersive sensory experiences. At the bottom, carved spaces with elliptical geometries of varying scales intertwine. Meanwhile, higher up, space is structured like the gears of a mechanical clock, with the largest of the four levels containing all the wet and warm treatment areas.

As the spiral staircase approaches the top, it leads to small private treatment rooms modelled after monastic chambers, offering well-framed views of the Sparta Valley. From nutritional guidance and consultations to massage, acupuncture and more, there’s a comprehensive menu of spa experiences. This includes Biologique Recherche facials using the brand's Remodelling Face Machine, an algae detox treatment for the entire body, and Watsu therapy in a specialist warm water pool.

Mood Spa at La Zambra Hotel, Mijas, Spain

best experiential spas round-up

(Image credit: Courtesy of La Zambra Hotel)

Nestled amid the scenic hills of Andalusia, the once-renowned Byblos hotel has adopted the new identity of ‘La Zambra’ following a redesign by the architectural studio Esteva i Esteva. Under the management of Marugal, the chic retreat invites travellers to relax and discover the hidden treasures between Málaga and Marbella. Central to La Zambra is the Mood Spa, a wellness sanctuary that crafts experiences tailored to the guest’s physical, psychological, and emotional equilibrium. With offerings like ‘Relax’, ‘Healing’, ‘Reconnect’, ‘Vitalize’, and ‘Glow’, the spa embraces a highly individualized approach.

Notably, the Osteo Skin Swaywaver table, a first in Andalusia, adds another layer of exclusivity to this revitalising haven. The spa works with products from luxury skincare brands such as Natura Bissé, EviDenS de Beauté, and Anne Semonin. (Try out the last's 'Heavenly Energising Body & Face Ritual', which brings together a potent mix of cryotherapy, massage, and aromatherapy.)

Spa of the Five Graces at The Inn of the Five Graces, Santa Fe, USA

best experiential spas round-up

(Image credit: Courtesy of The Inn of the Five Graces)

The Inn of The Five Graces, the well-known Relais and Chateaux luxury boutique hotel and spa, has recently introduced The Spa of The Five Graces. The space opens after a five-year effort to renovate and redesign historic structures in Santa Fe, and it guarantees an opulent sanctuary in which to relax. The philosophies and rituals of ancient trade route the Silk Road have inspired the spa, which goes beyond conventional boundaries to offer personalised and transformative experiences that nourish the five senses.

Expert therapists craft custom spa experiences for guests. Massage therapies incorporate CBD oils and Himalayan salt stones, and rejuvenating skincare includes the 'High Mountain Hydration' facial (which uses a double peel, a lifting mask and massage inspired by Kobido techniques), and The Method, Augustinus Bader's signature sensorial treatment.

SpaceTime Floatation Center, Chicago, USA

best experiential spas round-up

(Image credit: Courtesy of SpaceTime Floatation Center)

Eric Rothfeder Architecture’s redesign of Chicago’s Spacetime Floatation Center, the oldest in the United States, choreographs the perfect transition for visitors who want to move away from the buzz of everyday life and enter a state of relaxation. The facility offers unique ambiences to cater to different needs, while consistently using materials and geometric shapes that create an easy flow between treatments.

The reception area, characterised by curved and textured plaster with lime-washed walls, sets the tone for the overall experience, throughout which natural light is gradually mixed with architectural lighting elements. Separated by layers of sheer curtains, the space features a pool of Epsom salt water, infrared saunas, and a halotherapy room. Treatments include the use of The Migun Bed, a device founded in 1988 by the South Korean company Migun Medical Instruments. It aids injury recovery and pain relief for the whole body, through infrared-heated jade therapy heads that move down each side of the spine and down the back of each leg.

Cellularium Spa, Prague, Czech Republic

best experiential spas

(Image credit: BoysPlayNice. Courtesy of Formafatal)

Cellularium, situated inside Prague’s Institute of Natural Medicine, is a next-generation spa with a unique design that sets it apart from others globally. Designed by Czech studio Formafatal, the entrance’s reception and circular cell, which doubles as a doctor’s office and waiting room, feature soft walls with creative claddings reminiscent of the building designed by DAM architects.

The spa area, spanning 155 sq m, features dark tones and smooth screed surfaces enhanced by an interplay of light and shadow. The purpose of each room is guided by the colour of the walls; red represents the sauna’s fire, blue is for the cryosauna’s ice, and grey for the airflow’s wind. The heat sauna at Cellularium is Finnish, so moisture and steam are kept at low levels, with a temperature of around 80-100ºC. This helps with detoxification, cellular renewal, and relaxation of body and mind.

The HVN, London, UK

best experiential spas round-up

(Image credit: Courtesy of The HVN)

New London spa The HVN, nestled in the heart of Knightsbridge, arrives as a bolthole for guests seeking the support of skilled therapists, specialists, and medical practitioners. ‘Conscious wellbeing’ lies at the core of all offered treatments, along with personalised healing, comfort, and care. Through natural light, organic shapes, and soothing elements of nature, The HVN encourages relaxation – such as via its urban adaptation of Forest Bathing, which includes circadian lighting, woodland aromatics, and natural sounds.

Under one roof, the retreat provides a range of services, including state-of-the-art Fotona 4D laser technology, a medical-grade hyperbaric chamber, time-honoured Ayurvedic healing, and modern insights into gut health. Following an initial consultation with a medical professional, each client receives a custom programme tailored by nutritionists, aestheticians, osteopaths, and acupuncturists. Scalp and hair treatments include laser hair restoration and scalp PRP therapy, and IV infusions (such as NAD+) are also offered.

The Spa at The Mandarin Oriental, Marrakech, Morocco

best experiential spas round-up

(Image credit: Courtesy of Mandarin Oriental)

The Mandarin Oriental Marrakech is a true Moroccan oasis with an award-winning spa designed by the French duo Gilles and Boissier. The sun-drenched entrance opens onto a pool and fountain, creating a calming and refreshing atmosphere. Inside, guests can enjoy a heated indoor pool covering an area of 70 sq m, which offers a breathtaking view of the gardens.

The Spa houses six treatment rooms, including a couple's and a single spa suite, each equipped with a vitality bath, as well as a Thai treatment room that has its own private garden. Two luxurious Moroccan hammams specialise in the traditional black soap scrub, while a hairdresser, a beauty salon, a yoga studio, and a fitness centre complete the offer. Signature treatments range from collaborations with Dr Barbara Sturm (she of the vampire facial) to a Digital Wellness Escape, a restorative spa experience designed to relieve bodily stresses from the daily use of digital devices.

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