Cihelna Concept Store — Prague, Czech Republic

Cihelna Concept Store
(Image credit: Kristina Hrabetov)

Located along a well-trodden tourist path not far from famous Czech sites such as Charles Bridge and Prague Castle, Cihelna - a chic concept store - champions the best of local design talent, purposefully eschewing the kitschy knick knacks traditionally found in the area’s souvenir shops.

Curated by illustrator and design producer Silvie Luběnová, the sophisticated collection includes tableware by high-tech glass factory Bomma, colourful pieces by ceramicist Milan Pekař and standout offerings from a host of young Czech jewellers from Adéla Fejtková to Blueberries and Zorya. 

Displayed on custom-made monumental wood tables by Studio Dechem, over which a large chandelier by artist Rony Plesl hangs, the elegant space also doubles as a gallery with a string of upcoming exhibitions in the plan.

Photo frame on wall

(Image credit: Kristina Hrabetov)

Flower pots

(Image credit: Kristina Hrabetov)

Sealing Lamps and beautiful Painting

(Image credit: Kristina Hrabetov)




Cihelná 2B



Kristina Hrabetov