Bistro Proti Proudu — Prague, Czech Republic

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With an ever-growing number of cool cafés, wine bars and shops, Prague’s Karlín district is fast becoming a haven for the hip set. Its latest arrival, is Bistro Proti, a cosy corner eatery with a sleek interior inspired by the neighbourhood’s most significant historical figure, engineer František Križík. The restaurant is a twenty-year long dream come true for journalist husband and wife team David and Karolina Konecný, who tasked local atelier Mimosa and architecture firm Modulora to outfit the space. As such, the stark white room is defined by a series of black cables which – embellishing the wall behind the Corten steel counter – are functionally attached to the restaurant’s pendant lighting fixtures, while forming a visual grid-like pattern. Clean oak furnishings and marble floors are elegant additions to an otherwise industrial space, which serves an all-day breakfast menu along with light additions such as soups, sandwiches and home made desserts. 


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Dinning table and black chair

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Restaurant in Prague

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