St James’s Art and Design Walk 2017 Preview

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St James’s Art and Design Walk 2017 Preview

The neighbourhood of St James’s – defined as the area between St James’s Palace, The Ritz, Piccadilly Circus and Trafalgar Square – has undergone a creative renaissance in the past decade, attracting contemporary galleries of high calibre to compliment more historic institutions such as the ICA. Aesthetic thrills can be found from the expansive double-height spaces of the White Cube Mason’s Yard, to the compact yet comprehensive ground floor galleries at Sims Reed, to the treasure chest of collectible design that is David Gill Gallery. Join Wallpaper* on one of three self-guided walks to discover their visual offerings, commencing at the RA’s Academicians’ Room and concluding at the new ICA bar. The St James’s Art & Design Walk runs on 19 and 21 October, free registration is required

Sims Reed Gallery

Sims Reed Gallery presents an exhibition of original prints by post-war and contemporary artists, with an emphasis on British Pop. Artists include David Hockney, Sol LeWitt, Richard Estes, Eduardo Paolozzi, Allen Jones and Gerald Laing. Particularly of note is Richard Estes’ screenprint, Holland Hotel, which shows a view of New York’s 42nd Street and demonstrates the artist’s masterful control of spatial illusion (pay attention to the reflections on the shop window on the right). It took approximately 180 colours to create its three-dimensional effect. The gallery has specialised in prints and works on paper since 1995, and aims to show the important part that printmaking plays in the work of 20th-century artists.

43A Duke Street, London SW1Y 6DD;