Enticed by stories of car-sized vintage disco balls, taxidermy albino peacocks and optometry instruments, Cool Hunting recently set off with a couple friends to Brimfield, a small town about an hour outside of Boston, to visit the week-long antiques fair that takes place there three times yearly.

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Thanks to VW, who hooked up with one of our favorite current rides, a Volkswagen Touareg TDI , we had the perfect transportation to safely carry us through the unfortunate downpours (props to the powerfully thorough windshield wipers) and with ample room to cart home our purchases.

Check out the finds Cool Hunting picked up at the Brimfield Antiques fair
We also came equipped with Nikon’s as yet unreleased D5000, a robust prosumer model that my trip-mate, photographer (and de facto CH photo editor) James Ryang used to document the characters and scenes that make up the fair.
With his expert eye, James’ photos take in the sheer quantity of stuff we saw and frame them into a study of (mostly) early American design and the dealers and shoppers who love it.
From cast-iron lawn sprinklers to 8 x 10 view cameras, we learned that there are collectors for everything. He also captured the absurd contrasts that pop up in the often haphazard jumble of stuff—compositions that are easy to overlook in all the clutter.
Brimfield Antiques Market ran from September 8 – 13th 2009. Scheduled dates for 2010, are May 11-16, July 13-18, September 7-12.