After a covert women’s fashion reinstatement this weekend at his Madison Avenue boutique in New York, Tom Ford has officially re-wooed the notoriously fickle fashion pack and pulled off the proceedings according to his own exacting terms. That meant no photographers, no bloggers, no tweeters, no live streamers, no plus-ones and definitely no gatecrashers (all of which have become standard accoutrements of the modern fashion show, to the displeasure of much of the fashion establishment) at his 1950s salon style presentation.

The designer took the microphone himself, introducing each outfit and its accompanying model - which, suprisingly in this fantasy land, were all real women and friends of Ford’s, including Daphne Guinness, Marisa Berenson, Rita Wilson, Beyoncé, Karen Elson and Lisa Eisner. The only photographer allowed in was Terry Richardson, which means that Ford’s secretive and highly controlled format has successfully blocked photos of the clothes and models from doing spin cycles across cyberspace.

Yet, despite the visual silence, a collective roar of accolades has risen anyway, largely fuelled by the aforementioned establishment who is happy to finally be back in their rarefied, members-only circles again. And Ford, who knows better than anyone how to conjure exclusivity and real luxury, was happy to oblige them. But all we really want to know now is, when can we shoot the clothes?