Prada has an eminent history of artistic investment, and the latest collaborative project from the fashion house and architectural virtuoso Rem Koolhaas – the Transformer – is a fittingly radical confirmation of Prada’s cultural dominance.

Prada Transformer

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We featured the incomplete pavilion on the cover of our May issue (W*122), but finally, following great anticipation, the Transformer has filled its curiously shaped hole in the Seoul skyline, and is ready to begin its short, illustrious life.
After months of architectural grappling and mechanical machinations, the multi-faceted, geometric anomaly has been draped with a white exterior skin, and will this month house the first of its cultural ventures.
Opening with Miuccia Prada’s nomadic Waist Down exhibition on the 25th April - the Transformer, over the course of its five-month existence, will play host to a cinema from Oscar-nominated director Alejandro Gonzales Iñårittu and an installation from Swedish artist Nathalie Djerberg, among others.
Situated adjacent to the 16th century Gyeonghui Palace in the Korean capital, the shape-shifting Transformer – with one rectangular, one cross, one hexagonal and one circular side – will be flipped by cranes each month, housing a new creative project at every turn.
Watch this space for more information and pictures from the opening ceremony, the inaugural cocktail party and Mrs Prada’s very own Waist Down exhibition.