Set up within the soaring space of Piazza Vi Febbraio, Stefano Pilati conceived a black box with a crisp white interior in which to present his spring/summer 2016 collection for Ermenegildo Zegna Couture.

Shrouded in darkness, guests arrived within the vast hall, drawn towards two illuminated staircases that led them upwards towards a white light glowing from within. Inside, a dazzlingly bright tunnel made up of eight large drapes of cool white fabric, mimicked the fluidity, transparency and lightness of Pilati’s cleaned up modernist tailoring.

Emerging, silhouetted against a bright light at the far end of the space, the models, clad in black, colourful plaids and white, stalked an elevated central runway that put the audience, seated either side on simple white benches, at eye-level with Pilati’s fringed booties and slip-ons. Now watch the labour-intensive, 12-day set-up at Piazza Vi Febbraio come to life.