Clair Watson talks to Suzanne Trocmé

What is the biggest influence on your work (whether inside or outside your field)?
Anything that has the appearance of ’fresh’ piques my interest, anything that resonates with my emotional intelligence in the now, the zeitgeist. This can be from the past or the future, an event, a color, a shape, from museums to contemporary art galleries, from home or far flung resorts, from science to the street. It is key to absorb influences from outside a given field because I believe staying within it leads to an unhealthy stagnation of imagination.  

How does this influence manifest itself in your work?
It keeps my instincts sharp and enables me to pick up on fresh trends within my field, to keep the past relevant.

What key trends do you see emerging in your field of work?
The key words are simplicity and wit, everything will broadly fall into either category. The construction could be complicated but the end product is simple - both in use and design. Clean lines, absence of unnecessary, supple fabrics, cotton or cashmere. Society needs to find time to balance this time consuming hectic decade, the disorientation of so much choice. Consumers will respond to the pared down essence of the thing. The amusing will appeal, a divertisement from the mundane, a light hearted but anarchic response to a society in 21st century flux.

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