We always like to keep a close eye on the creative happenings over at London’s Royal College of Art, a British institution and one of the leading design schools in the world. We were lately impressed by the innovative work of a recent crop of graduates from Platform 12, part of the Design Products program headed by Ron Arad.

RCA student design

Click here to see more of the students’ designs and read their explanations.
The platform is run by Industrial Facility co-founder Sam Hecht, together with Andre Klauser and Durrell Bishop of Luckybite, and emphasises, according to its manifesto, “function as beauty, instead of design as form and image.”
The work by the seven students is at once thoroughly inventive and deceptively simple, ranging from Yuri Suzuki’s Car Record Track, a track made of vinyl records and a ‘car’ with a needle attached to play sound as it moves, to Tom Higgs’ impossible looking white ’Flex’ chair.
“This year’s platform 12 are positively multi-dimensional,” says Hecht. “There appear no prescribed formulas nor typical functional responses. It gives validity to the idea that design is indeed beyond the next chair!”