Pil Bredahl set up her own design studio in Copenhagen in 2005. Her streamlined, innovative designs have won her not only a Wallpaper* Design Award in 2007 for her ‘OTO100’ shelves, but work with some of Denmark’s best modern design producers including Muuto and Danish Crafts.
[B]How did you get to where you are now professionally?[/B]
Intuition, hard work and good colleagues.
[B]Do you rank Copenhagen among the world’s creative capitals? Why/why not?[/B]
The population is very creative, the capital itself is rather conservative, but beautiful and kind.
[B]The W* shoot is all about Copenhagen shopping – what are your favourite Copenhagen stores?[/B]
Paustian for the location and architecture, HAY and CASA for the fun and joy, Georg Jensen becauce Im a sucker for history and beauty.
[B]What object/piece of furniture in your home could you not live without?[/B]
My 9090 coffee maker by Richard Sapper.
[B]Who/what is inspiring you most right now?[/B]
Fair Trade production, nature, family and friends
[B]What advice do you wish you’d been given 10 years ago?[/B]
Don’t waste time on people who only want to make money
What’s your secret/favourite indulgence?[/B]
Magazines, books and lots of time.
If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?[/B]
I have a tendency to be a bit too humble.
[B]What’s the one thing you’d never change?[/B]
Living by my intuition, in all aspects of life.
[B]How do you relax?[/B]
Playing with my three daugthers