’Classical Whimsy’: Mattia Bonetti’s fanciful furniture at James Barron Art

’Classical Whimsy’: Mattia Bonetti’s fanciful furniture at James Barron Art

Nature, pop art, neo-baroque, fine art and contemporary through antique make up just a few of the influences that inform Mattia Bonetti’s latest exhibition, ’Classical Whimsy’.

The show, which opened this past week, is a selection of hand-fabricated objects from the Swiss-born, Paris-based artist, ranging from side tables and chairs to lamps and consoles.

’All of it is dictated by the fact that these works are utilitarian,’ says Bonetti. ’I am very conscious that they have a purpose, and need to be useful – but they are also works of art.’

Each piece was designed at different points by Bonetti, and some pull from themes of scribbling, writing and calligraphy, which are then translated into something three-dimensional.

’There is the side table from the necklace collection, which is inspired from pop art,’ says Bonetti. ’Pop art takes everyday objects, analyses them and turns them into something else. There is a part of the work that is formal, for example the "Metals" table, "Construct" lamp and "Cinema" lamp. These are very minimal.’

Bonetti worked closely with gallery owner James Barron for the exhibition, to create an experience that showed how objects speak to one another. ’In the case of the table and the Sol LeWitt drawing, it’s very much about the lines and the graphic,’ says Bonetti. ’Things that seem obvious when there and together, but one has to think about these things beforehand.’

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