Turntable by Brian Eno and Paul Stolper Gallery named Best Domestic Design: Wallpaper* Design Awards 2023

Celebrate Best Domestic Design winners Brian Eno and Paul Stolper Gallery, plus explore the shortlist

Brian Eno Turntable 2021: winner Best Domestic Design, Wallpaper* Design Awards 2023
(Image credit: All images copyright the artist)


Brian Eno, Turntable, 2021. All images copyright the artist 

(Image credit: All images copyright the artist)

Musician and artist Brian Eno is one of experimental pop’s most innovative figures. Alongside his etchings, lenticular printing and sound works, he is known for his kaleidoscopic light boxes, which seamlessly drift through infinite combinations of seductive self-generated ‘colourscapes’ using a series of interwoven LED lights. He recently teamed up with London’s Paul Stolper Gallery to produce a trippy, colour-changing turntable, putting a contemporary spin on the classic record player. 

Made from acrylic, it features LED lights, embedded in its base and platter, which move through various hues as the vinyl plays, offering up a psychedelic blend of sound and vision. ‘The light from it was tangible, as if caught in a cloud of vapour,’ says Eno. ‘We sat watching for ages, transfixed by this totally new experience of light as a physical presence.’ Released in a limited-edition run of 50, each turntable comes with its batch number engraved on the back, as well as Eno’s signature.



‘Rock.01’ 3D-printed ceramic sink by Daniel Arsham and Kohler

Daniel Arsham Kohler sink

(Image credit: Courtesy Kohler Co)

Kohler’s collaboration with American multidisciplinary artist Daniel Arsham revolved around the US kitchen and bathroom behemoth’s ongoing experimentation with cutting-edge ceramic technology, resulting in the organically shaped, 3D-printed ‘Rock.01’ sink. Featuring an asymmetric vitreous basin, which leans against a rock-shaped form cast from brass, the sink is made producing very little waste and using a lot less water than regular casting methods. Arsham originally designed the sink as two components that looked like one stone resting on top of another, but on discovering that Kohler had made cast iron bathtubs in the late 19th century, he ended up creating a cast brass base with the same recognisable patina as the artist’s bronze sculptural works, offering a nice juxtaposition of a heritage material alongside a new futuristic material. ‘Rock.01’, which made its debut at Design Miami 2021 as part of an installation designed by Arsham, was released in a limited edition of 99.  

‘Cube’ outdoor kitchen by Nichetto Studio and Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens

Outdoor kitchen by Luca Nichetto and Brown Jordan

(Image credit: Courtesy Brown Jordan)

Luca Nichetto’s ‘Cube’ kitchen concept for Brown Jordan Outdoor Kitchens, which is anticipated to launch in 2023, draws on the architecturally inspired style of the American outdoor kitchen brand’s ‘Elements’ collection, and is designed to fit any space. Consisting of blocks, made from ridged stainless steel panels that mimic the look of wood slats, ‘Cube’ is available in contrasting powder-coated hues, creating both a modern juxtaposition and a fun individuality. The system’s modular design gives the flexibility to provide outdoor kitchen solutions for anything from compact urban settings to more comprehensive entertaining spaces, while soft-close doors and drawers, adjustable shelves, and magnets and gaskets on all doors (for solid closure in all conditions, including high winds and heavy rain) elevate its functionality.   

‘Airsign’ Vacuum Cleaner by Joseph Guerra

Compact black vacuum cleaner

(Image credit: press)

New-age appliance company Airsign’s compact HEPA vacuum cleaner is not only high-performing, but sustainably made. It features a powerful HEPA-14 filter with charcoal, so that it catches 99.995 per cent of particles over 0.3 microns, making it one of the most powerful vacuums on the market. It also boasts a 1200W motor, giving it a powerful 250 air watts of suction, and comes equipped with a sealed system to prevent particles from escaping the machine. Combined with a four-layer filtration system – air bag, pre-motor filter, HEPA-14 filter and charcoal filter – it actually cleans the air while you vacuum. Designed to be repairable, recyclable and built to last, the vacuum is made from 20 per cent recycled plastic, while the handle and wand are made from recycled aluminium. It comes with compostable, biodegradable air bags, weighs in at just 5kg and packs away neatly, making it perfect for city living.

Textiles by Nick Cave and Knoll Textiles

Knoll Textiles

(Image credit: Lyndon French)

Nick Cave’s collaboration with Knoll Textiles consists of four upholsteries, three draperies and three wallcoverings. It’s a vibrant collection that conveys the American artist’s sense of dimension, colour and movement, with each design referencing a specific artwork and dutifully capturing the visceral and tactile essence of the original piece. Created in deep dialogue with Cave and his creative and life partner, Bob Faust, the collaboration kicked off when Cave selected 45 works for the Knoll Textiles team to riff on; they ultimately whittled these down to ten ambitious designs that take the artist collaboration trope to a whole new level, with the draperies in the collection being the most delicate. Aside from their aesthetic value, the textiles convey a deep and powerful significance in their intention to represent original works that advance social justice. 

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