Modernist posters reimagine the architecture of James Bond

James Bond is brought to life in new and wonderful ways through these modernist illustrations from the films

black and red drawing of Maiden's Tower from the russia with love Bond movie
Maiden’s Tower, From Russia With Love
(Image credit: press)

While architecture may not be the first thing that springs to mind when we think of James Bond, the film’s locations are not only often crucial to the plot but also look pretty cool. Now, the most iconic sets from the films have been celebrated by artist Leonie Wharton, who has been commissioned by home service tool HomeAdvisor to bring the beautiful buildings to life. The minimalist posters are nicely timed as we welcome No Time To Die’s 2021 release. Enjoy our favourites from this modernist exploration of Bond’s back catalogue.


black and red drawing of Fort Knox from the goldfinger Bond movie

(Image credit: press)

Fort Knox may be at the centre of Goldfinger’s masterplan, but 007 doesn’t plan on letting him control the world’s gold market just yet. Surely, though, they can at least agree on the beauty in the building’s symmetrical Art Deco lines.


black and red drawing of Palymra from the Thunderball Bond movie

(Image credit: press)

What is it with James Bond and sharks? 007 just can’t resist them, illustrated here at Rock Point, the Bahamas home of Emilio Largo and where Bond decides to take a dip in a shark-infested pool.

On Her Majesty’s Secret Service

black and red drawing of Piz gloria restaurant from the on her majesty's secret service Bond movie

(Image credit: press)

Seems a shame to waste such perfect skiing conditions, but Ernst Stavro Blofeld has loftier plans than a black run. Switzerland’s iconic Piz Gloria restaurant is brought ominously to life – an appropriate spot, then, from which to wage a bacteriological war.


black and red drawing of satellite centre from the golden eye Bond movie

(Image credit: press)

Puerto Rico’s Arecibo Observatory becomes secret antenna cradle Janus Satellite Control Center, the evil headquarters which control the GoldenEye satellites in 1995’s classic GoldenEye.


black and red drawing of the island from the skyfall Bond movie

(Image credit: press)

Home to Bond’s arguably most enticing villain, Hashima Island in Takashimamachi, Japan, becomes the lair of Raoul Silva in Skyfall. His base where he hopes to seduce both the world and Bond himself, its simple form here is set against a fittingly apocalyptic sky.


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