’The best buildings and spaces develop sensually - they are bodies with distinctive characteristics that are to be experienced,’ say architect couple Sylvia Schellenberg and Sebastian Thaut. They founded their own office, Atelier St, in Leipzig, in 2004 and have since made a name for themselves locally designing bespoke residences for private clients as well as commercial and public spaces.
Their latest completion is a wooden cabin deep in the pinewoods of the Mark Brandenburg. Nestled between the tree trunks with its traditional pitched roof, dark wood façade and little chimney, the external appearance of this weekend hideaway is intended to awaken fairytale associations. But if Hansel and Gretel pitched up of an evening looking for a place to stay, they would find a spick and span, white painted interior complete with picture window and double-height spaces - and not a trace of a wicked witch in the custom-built pine kitchen.