Form and Forest launched this year and combines the craft of two brothers, Jeff and Ryan Jordan, one in prefab, one from the world of industrial design, with the art and architecture of D’Arcy Jones Design on the west coast in Vancouver.
It is a design-focused initiative for those looking to get off the grid (and into the green) as soon as possible. Every conception is streamlined for maximum mirth. Ryan explains that these modular shells are ‘escape pods’ for urbanites with a refined aesthetic. ‘Our clients are not looking to replicate their urban existence.’
The panelized prefabs ship easily to areas that are difficult to access and the strictly exterior design team customizes units for vistas, local building codes, and the unique constraints of the client’s ideal site. Cabins come in size large (1200+ square foot) and small (400-800 square foot). Two entirely new designs will be available for spring 2010.