We thought it only fair to throw open the doors to the W* House and share with you how we’d fit out our dream digs. From consoles to cupboards, beds to bookcases, the W* House features our favourite pieces of design from across the globe, room by room. When it comes to sharing our finds, we wanted to keep things simple, letting you furnish your house with the click of a mouse, the Wallpaper* way. 

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‘Magazyn’ furniture collection

Thomas Haarmann / Magazyn
From £620

Ten years after opening Antwerp interior design store Magazyn, Thomas Haarmann has released a furniture collection under the same name. A sofa, armchair, lounge chair and living room accessories constitute the six-strong set. ‘It’s not loud, but if you feel the products and the finish, you realise that it’s not ordinary’, says Haarmann, noting how the pieces convey a luxury, yet minimalist aesthetic. Each piece features a slight play on its traditional form – the armchair is proportionally oversized to curl up in, the sofa is deeper to sink back into, and the loungechair quietly boasts a softened layer of leather to appear more casual despite its upright posture.

‘Tent’ chair

Layer / Moroso
Price on request

At this year’s Salone del Mobile, Benjamin Hubert of design agency Layer realised the ’‘Tent’ chair, a seamless 3D-knitted seat for Italian furniture brand Moroso. ‘Tent’ is created from a single piece of recycled nylon (made up of over 2 million knitted loops and 50,000m of yarn) that is stretched over a steel frame. The structure is a nod to the traditional frame of a tent with the fabric stretched out and held in place by guide ropes. Digital knitting techniques allows for cushions to be integrated into the chair’s main fabric too, while the breathable material boasts suitable for both indoor and out.

‘Theodor’ dining chair

OEO Design / Brdr. Krüger

Brdr Krüger’s dedication to craftsmanship and their passion for wood hasn’t changed since they inaugurated in 1886. The new ‘Theodor’ dining chair by OEO Studio utilises its classic woodturning techniques and merges this with a little present-day zest. Upholstered in Kvadrat fabric and crafted from oiled oak, the result is a bold and distinctive midcentury design that marks the second piece by the Scandinavian studio for Brdr Krüger.

‘Scape’ armchair

Mary Featherston / Grazia & Co
Price on request

When Australian designer Grant Featherson created his first piece of furniture in 1951 he couldn’t have known it would become a classic that, 66 years later, would be much copied and form the basis of a new collection. The ‘R160 Contour’ chair, with its plywood shell and high-backed form, is the centrepiece of a new collaboration between Featherstone’s wife Mary (Grant died in 1995), manufacturer Gordon Mather Industries, and retailer and design house Grazia & Co. A total of 17 pieces, including the ‘Scape’ armchair, have been given contemporary finishes and fabrics while maintaining the integrity of the original designs.

’Verve’ chair

Geckeler Michels / Frederica

From the drawing boards of German studio Geckeler Michels, ’Verve’ is a versatile cup chair with unique sculptural qualities. Based on three geometric forms, the sinuous nature of the chair seems to change depending on the angle from which it is viewed. ’Verve’ also has an undeniable synergy with manufacturers Fredericia Furniture’s design language, ’the clear geometric shapes used in ’Verve’ call to mind the formal design idiom applied by Nanna Ditzel in her work for Fredericia in the 1990s, and track back to the geometrical aspects of Børge Mogensen’s rational approach to design’ explain the designers.


Eugeni Quitllet / Kartell
Price on request

Ibiza-born, Barcelona-based designer Eugeni Quitllet’s career is characterised by lightness. His latest collaboration with Kartell explores this with a chair whose contemporary silhouette bridges the gap between solid and ethereal. A suspended curved seat is perched on a simple geometric frame and comes in a range of colours, from transparent and neutral shades to deep, bold hues, such as the red, pictured here. ‘Thanks to Kartell’s continual research and technological innovation in the fields of materials and processes, we were able to beautifully float dreams on the air,’ says Quitllet.



Michael Anastassiades / Herman Miller
price on request

Michael Anastassiades’ inaugural collection of occasional furnishings for Herman Miller follows the Cypriot designer’s exploration of an object’s physical presence, and how its existence affects its surroundings. It would be an understatement to call these stools minimal: their reduced forms, carved from walnut and white oak, are combined with a brass element and feature a shape that is elegant and discreet yet stripped to the bare essentials. ‘When an object is made out of only a handful of elements, you have to make each one absolutely perfect,’ says the designer. The stools come in a range of sizes.

’Vic’ chair

Patrick Norguet / Pedrali

Patrick Norguet’s chair mixes discreet sophistication with an inviting cocoon-like quality. Echoing midcentury forms, the chairs are upholstered in leather or fabric (the version pictured here is in olive green leather) and feature a base of bleached ash, black- or grey-stained beech, or oak.


Florent Coirier / Emu
Price on request

An industrial style grid defines the backrest of this new chair frame by French designer Florent Coirier, for Italian brand Emu. Based in Rome, the company takes pride in its affordable, simplistic products that utilise versatile alloys such as steel and aluminium. For ’Lyze,’ Coirier was inspired by the words ’aerial’ and ’lightness’ for the geometry that marries squares in the stainless steel grid with a circular aluminium seat and tubular legs.


Alpine chairs


Precision is key with the Alpine collection by Ries, an Argentinian furniture project by Mark Altgelt, Second Denegri and Tasio Picollo. The geometric collection includes tables, shelving and these liner and skeletal chairs. Harking back to basics, the piece works with the core structure, created from indepth research into proportions and the space it occupies. Made up of steel and powder coated metal, the seat’s textured form contrasts from its sharp framework.


Ladies & Gentlemen / Avo
From $3300

This lounge chair is a collaboration between designers Ladies & Gentleman Studio and leather experts AVO. The all-American made piece is a culmination of uniquely hand painted leather by Avo and a deck-chair style frame designed by Dylan Davis & Jean Lee of Ladies & Gentlemen Studio using their graphic aesthetic which uses soft hues and curves. Available in hammock version by using rope to suspend the piece, they arrive in two altered leather designs of pale diagonally striped with a copper frame, or a criss-cross stripe with a brass frame.


James Stickley
Price on request

These simple steel-work pieces by London and Berlin based James Stickley are chairs masquerading as artwork through their abstract three-legged forms. The playful and shapely collection of three chairs with three different type of backs resonate the designers self-acclaimed style of ’graphic minimal’ which is realised in the lines of most of his work. The electric blue colour lends itself to the almost memphis form which also makes the range increasingly conceptual.

Urban philosophy chair

NN Design Band

The Urban chair by NN Design is a polycarbonate and meta construction that combines a sinuous silhouette with a geometric composition. The simple glass form is enhanced by a black line running through its edge, offering different design perspective depending on the point of view. The Kazakhi duo NN Design, formed by Anastassya Leonova and Nissa Kinzhalina, works on simple design concepts that merge aesthetic research with challenging constructions to create discreet and elegant furniture and objects.


Ralf Kötter / Enfin Design
Price on request

Originally trained as a traditional carpenter, German maker Ralf Kötter later integrated his background with interiors design and engineering training, and the results of this mixed experience blend seamlessly in his brand, enigmatically titled Enfin Design. The Visupure chair is a good example of this eclectic mix, combining subtle craftsmanship touches with a quintessentially industrial shape. A thin aluminium sheet is bent into a U-shape and welded with another aluminium part to form the backbone of the seat, which appears to be floating on its bouncing feet. The metal construction is powder-coated and polished, then combined with solid walnut armrest and black leather upholstery.


Naoto Fukasawa / Conde House
Price on request

Japanese designer Naoto Fukasawa is our go-to man for traditional design with a clever construction. In his latest effort, he collaborated with the craftsmen of the Asahikawa area, near Hokkaido, in Japan, to produce a line of furniture for Japanese company Conde House. Fukasawa immersed himself in the region’s craftsmanship traditions, and came back with a chair design, available in a variety of finishes and combinations, and a simple table to go with it. The wooden structure of the chair is enriched with ergonomic details and design tricks that make its familiar shape special. Available with a wooden or upholstered seat, the chair comes in two types of wood found in the Hokkaido region, two shades of oak and natural walnut. Classic yet streamlined, Fukasawa’s design makes the most of his creative experience and of the area’s savoir-faire.

’Oja’ chair

Ricardo Casas
Price on request

Mexican architect Ricardo Casas has been working on a mix of structural, interiors and furniture projects since launching his studio in Mexico City in 2009. His ’Oja’ chair is a sophisticated take on the standard office chair, enriched with elegant materials and a minimalist shape. A combination of ergonomic leather seat, sinuous wooden structure and adjustable steel elements make the ’Oja’ a graceful seating compromise for the office space.

’Cucina Futurista’ chair

On request

Viennese design duo Maciej Chmara and Ania Rosinke have once again drawn upon their interest with design for food when mastering their latest piece. The ’Cucina Futurista’ chair has been created in conjunction with the upcoming culinary design exhibition at the Museum of Applied arts during Vienna Design week this autumn. Inspired by the modernist Thonet chairs that the couple used to collect as students, they have taken to steel as their material of choice for this shapely piece. Made from a singular moulded piece to create four legs in triangular angles, the simplistic yet playful structure is attached to two contrasting wooden circles for the backrest and seat. Currently produced in black and red, there are plans for more colourful options in the pipeline.

’DAO’ chair

Shin Azumi / CoEdition
Price on request

Since its launch in 2014, French editeur CoEdition has presented an extremely well-curated series of furniture pieces. Working with the likes of Patricia Urquiola, Rodolfo Dordoni and Michael Anastassiades on modern pieces, the company has established a style of essential lines and beautifully made furniture. Fresh from this year’s Salone del Mobile, Shin Azumi’s DAO chair is a simple seat perched atop a minimal lacquered metal frame. The shape finds its roots in traditional Scandinavian design, here merged with the designer’s Japanese sensibility. It’s available in two versions: with a lacquered seat as a total black version, or with natural oak contrasting with the simple frame.

’George’s’ chair

David Lopez Quincoces / Living Divani

Spanish-born, Milan-based designer David Lopez Quincoces’ third collaboration with Italian furniture brand Living Divani has resulted in this dynamic chair with armrests that can be adapted to various decorative needs. The ‘George’s’ chair features slanted legs, a tubular-back frame in powder-coated steel and a wooden seat. The chair can be adapted to indoor or outdoor use, and
is available both in its pure ‘naked’ black steel state or dressed in wicker, black hide or waxed rope. The rope version is the most maximalist of the four available, with a bright orange rope running along the structure and an ash wood seat.

‘Ala’ armchair

Sebastian Herkner / La Cividina
Price on request

Sebastian Herkner’s ‘Ala’ seating collection for La Cividina was inspired by decorative plate racks and features a range of sofas and armchairs with detachable armrests. Built on metal or wooden frames, and covered in fabric or leather, they gracefully blend sinuous lines with geometric compositions.

‘Giellina’ collection

Antonino Sciortino / Baxter
Prices on request

A collaboration between Antonino Sciortino, a former dancer-turned-contemporary blacksmith and sculptor, and Italian furniture company Baxter has resulted in this charming collection of linear iron pieces. It consists of two chairs and two side tables forged from metal tubes, which allow for the creation of striking shapes and interesting shadows. The set features ‘Vestita’ (‘dressed’), bristling iron rods, and ‘Nuda’ (‘naked’), with a more streamlined outline.


Tyler Hays / BDDW

Tyler Hays’ take on the deckchair combines exquisite details with nostalgic craftsmanship. The bronze frame holds a sling seat and is equipped with wooden armrests, a drink tray and a cylindrical leather pillow. The various options devised by Hays for the chair include different woods and a seat available in tan leather, shearling and canvas.

’Solo’ chair

Office Kersten Geers David van Severen / Maniera
Price on request

The Brussels-based Maniera gallery works with architects and artists on furniture that blurs the boundaries between disciplines. This year it commissioned local architect duo Kersten Geers and David van Severen, who developed a multifunctional seat that looks like an abstract structure but works as a stool and small desk. Taking its cues from Thonet’s walking-stick chair, it manages to merge intriguing form and practicality.

’Chair 1’

Jinil Park

A sketch that becomes a chair: South Korean designer Jinil Park has made his line drawings come to life by creating literal, three-dimensional objects based on his illustrations. His rough sketch of a chair became the minimally-named ’Chair 1’, a black scribble of lines that is part of a larger collection including a table and lighting.

’So-Cross’ chair

Isabelle Stanislas
Price on request

Branching out from her usual work, French architect and interior designer Isabelle Stanislas recently ventured into furniture design. Featuring materials such as marble and onyx and cashmere, her striking collection of seating takes on structural shapes and compositions. We were instantly drawn to the ’So-Cross’ chair, her marble rendition of a foldable wooden chair.

’Degré’ seating by Eric Chevalier for Domeau & Pérès

Eric Chevalier / Domeau & Pérès
Price on request

French designer Eric Chevalier’s background in textile design has given him a rare sensibility for fabric and colour. His latest collection of seating, designed in collaboration with French editeur Domeau & Pérès, is a graceful set of four seats resting on Plexi legs, in colours ranging from leaf green, with a 90-degree back, to a 120-degree inclined, dark mint back.

’Traveler’ chair

Stephen Burks / Roche Bobois

To celebrate its 40th anniversary in the US market, Roche Bobois enlisted New Yorker Stephen Burks to design seating inspired by the transatlantic relationship. The designer applied his multicultural approach to a duo of chairs reflecting the aesthetic identities of Europe and America. The European model (pictured) is a sleek combination of lacquered steel and woven leather, crafted into a sexy, graphic shape.

‘Tubo’ desk and chair

Sam Hecht and Kim Colin / TOG
Prices on request

One for our dream study, this fresh-looking desk and chair set features a combination of marble and plastic set onto steel frames. It was created by the design duo behind Industrial Facility for TOG, a promising brand that debuted at Salone del Mobile this year. Hailing from Brazil, TOG (subtitled ‘All Creators Together’) presents itself as a platform for dialogue between designers, creators and customers. Its collections are kept simple, with humorous touches and ample scope for customisation.

‘Ahnda’ chair

Stephen Burks / Dedon
Price on request

Weaving is the focus of US designer Stephen Burks’ work, from commissions by major brands to his own ‘Man Made’ collaboration with Senegalese basket weavers. New for Dedon is his experiment in ‘invisible upholstery’, this chair covered in a loosely woven net that shows its inner structure.

‘Controra’ armchair

Ron Gilad / Molteni & C

Controra is a southern Italian notion that indicates the early hours of the afternoon, traditionally dedicated to resting. The word was aptly chosen to name Ron Gilad’s new seating collection, where a generous velvet seat overflows from a rigid wooden frame.

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