New York jewellery brand Agmes rethinks classic jewellery in glass

Agmes is celebrating its fifth anniversary with jewellery and sculptural objects created from soda-lime glass

The new collection rethinks objects and popular jewellery pieces from the past in soda-lime glass
(Image credit: AGMES)

New York jewellery brand Agmes is marking its fifth anniversary with a collaboration with sculpture and design studio Bianco Light & Space. The new collection rethinks objects and popular jewellery pieces from the past in soda-lime glass.

‘We loved working with Anthony Bianco (of Bianco Light & Space) back in 2018, and have had many requests to bring back the glass collection since,’ say Agmes founders Morgan and Jaclyn Solomon. ‘We’ve been wanting to create some new objects together since then, so this seemed like a perfect way to celebrate our anniversary, bringing back one of our favourite materials and partnerships. We really wanted to bring colour and joy to our everyday essential styles, building on what our customers have come to know and love us for.’

Glass vase and jewellery by Agmes

(Image credit: AGMES)

The new pieces reinvent classic styles in coloured glass, a process that was not without its challenges. ‘One of our biggest challenges was with the colours, which was also the most fun part,’ the jewellery designers add. ‘Visualising a transparent colour can be [difficult], especially when a small variation of that colour can greatly affect the end result. Additionally, the colour of the glass changes as it cools. We worked very closely with Anthony, and on many rounds, to perfect the colours we came up with, and are so happy with the end result he was able to achieve.’

Pieces are hand-blown by Bianco in his Los Angeles studio, using traditional techniques. ‘These pieces still stay true to our core DNA,’ the sisters say. ‘The styles, both jewellery and objects, are sculptural, classic, and minimalist. They will all withstand the test of time, and hopefully be passed down for generations. All of the pieces from this collection are made locally in the United States.’


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