Opposite the famous Georges V hotel, L’Instant is helmed by Frédéric Duca, who, at the modest age of 34, is already a veteran of Le Petit Nice (under Gérald Passédat), Taillevent, Le Fouquet’s and Restaurant Hélène Darroze. Designed by Parisian duo Marc Hertrich and Nicolas Adnet, the restaurant unfolds into three rooms, the first featuring a firework of a chandelier by Géraud de Torsiac and the second is decked out in sensual red velvet. The third is the most luxurious, with embroidered satin and Toile de Jouy motifs. Duca does French regional to perfection, using wild turbot, free-range lamb, Brittany blue lobster and Normandy scallops crusted with hazelnuts and rosemary and served with parsnips and hazelnut oil foam.