The cookie, that mainstay of comfort food confectionery, has recently been the subject of a few makeovers.

Evolving the ultimate comfort-food pairing, cookies and milk, Dominique Ansel, the inventor of the cronut, offers Tahitian vanilla milk cookie shots. Thinly lined with chocolate, the lightly baked cookie-dough shot glasses are served with cold milk at his various outposts.

Blondies Kitchen cookies
Cookies, by Blondies Kitchen

New York’s modestly named World’s Best Cookie Dough serves up cookies and cookie dough in most forms, from sandwiched with ice cream to combined with brownie mix (brookie dough). Across the pond in London, Naked Dough offers a variety of cookie dough flavours served in a tub, in a cone or as a freakshake, all with impossibly kitsch branding.

Blondies Kitchen’s mission was to bring the authentic American cookie, all crunch on the outside and yielding chew on the inside, to the UK. They did that with knobs on, making, among other things, giant Jammie Dodger-laced cookies and cookie pizzas. Finally, we don’t know if we can really condone this, but it is a thing: deep-fried cookie dough, served crinkle-cut or as balls.

Cookie Dõ NYC is a respectable enough purveyor of flavoured doughs in Greenwich Village – this year they teamed with outdoor caterers Big Mozz, popping up at Brooklyn’s weekly outdoor food market Smorgasburg to serve the fried chocolate chip, cake batter or brownie batter balls. Well, if you can fry a Mars Bar... §

As originally featured in the November 2018 issue of Wallpaper* (W*237)