The idea of a manufacturer of high performance windsurfers designing a bicycle, let alone a competitive road bike, might strike some as a little strange, but judging from the results of the collaboration between NeilPryde and BMW Group DesignworksUSA, the question is why didn’t someone think of this earlier?
From the beginning, the choice of DesignworksUSA - in particular, its Singaporean office - as a design partner made complete sense. A design consultancy and subsidiary of the BMW Group, DesignworksUSA has designed everything from yachts and trains to aircrafts, so the brief for a road bike was hardly a stretch.
Two models - the Alize and Diablo - have made it off the drawing board, and both will debut in Hamburg on 13th August during the Vattenfall Cyclassics, one of Europe’s biggest cycling races.
There is a certain visceral emotional appeal about both models and, certainly, their bold, blue or red colour schemes stand out; but what immediately impresses about the bikes is their streamlined angles and muscular planes. High modulus carbon fibre frames decrease weight (at just under 7 kg) without impinging upon the bikes’ performances in high winds and on rough road conditions.