A cut above: a new Felipe Hess-designed barbershop in São Paulo

A cut above: a new Felipe Hess-designed barbershop in São Paulo

The head, it seems, is a progressive arena, and hairstyles are constantly modernising and evolving. Why is it, then, that the barbershop seems so stuck in the past?

São Paulo’s AS Barbershop demonstrates that this need not be the case. Designed by architect Felipe Hess, the shop is truly minimalist in style – a point highlighted in the very first glimpse of its façade. Through the use of an austere white frontage, punctured only by a floor-to-ceiling iron and glass window, the shop is afforded an almost portal-like effect, with customers able to see the entirety of the space from the front door.

Seemingly intent on focusing all attention on the craft of hairdressing, the interior of the barbershop is clad in modest white squared tiles and light wood carpentry, with simple straight lines leading the eye along the surfaces. It is the simplicity and purity of the white squared tiles that appear to characterise the project – adorning everything from the walls to the counters, inside and out.

Dictating the form of the barbershop is the incline of the building’s roof. As a result, the building’s window adopts an interesting and unusual shape, which has been extruded throughout the interior, creating a dynamic and unique space. The volume, inherently long and narrow, may initially appear awkward; however, by inviting customers to take a wander down and through the space it has an inherent advantage.

Opened in February, Hess’ design is an example of superlative minimalism – a space that simply and elegantly acts as canvas for its users.

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