We know that our readers tend to enjoy the finer details in the products we cover but they may not always be happy with the pricetag. The problem is quality does not come cheap and that goes double if it’s considered ’handmade.’

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’Handmade’ footwear, for example, will tend to run you a grip of bills, but not in every case. Take New York’s Thorocraft - a footwear maker launching their first collection for Spring 2010. Alex James, creative director for Thorocraft, believes he can offer the consumers top quality "handmade" footwear without breaking the bank.
Producing the line in Vietnam and Italy allows for the pricepoint to stay within 140$-220$US range, which covers a fair scope of budgets.
The models - Trevor, Xanders, and Ross, hold to Thorocraft’s continuous commitment to craftsmanship, quality, durability, and comfort" while refining classic looks for today’s contemporary gentleman - and we love the pricing.