London’s new Lavazza flagship store blends coffee, dining and design

The refurbished Lavazza flagship store serves up velvety Italian coffee classics and much more in lush surroundings

Lavazza flagship store interior, London
(Image credit: Courtesy of Lavazza)

The rich aroma of coffee drifts down Great Marlborough Street from London’s new Lavazza flagship store. Set between the black and white patchwork Tudor buildings, Wallpaper* takes a first look at the newly renovated store, with a Milanese design inspired by the Lavazza HQ.

Interior of Lavazza flagship store London

(Image credit: Courtesy of Lavazza)

Lavazza flagship store, London

The store sees the Italian coffee brand, founded in 1895, encourage a gastronomical experience through coffee, by dividing the renovated space into three distinct sections – for coffee, pastries, and dining – the Caffetteria, the Pasticceria and the Gastronomia, respectively.

Lavazza coffee flagship store interior

(Image credit: Courtesy of Lavazza)

Of course, the extensive menu of classic velvety Italian coffee favourites hasn’t been sacrificed. In the Caffetteria, aromatic Lavazza coffees showcase different blends, roasts, and extraction methods, and can be enjoyed with a creamy slice of tiramisu, creating a perfect bittersweet balance.

Lavazza coffee cup

(Image credit: Courtesy of Lavazza)

In the Pasticceria, a range of rich buttery pastries and biscuits has been created by Marco Pedron for the flagship. Bite into fluffy shortbread with custard cream, or dip a Caprese Al Cioccolato, a flourless chocolate cookie – an adorned Neapolitan classic – into a creamy cappuccino.

Lavazza coffee flagship store

(Image credit: Courtesy of Lavazza)

The Gastronomia offers a full-bodied Italian cookery experience, showcased through a menu inspired by Michelin-starred chef Federico Zanasi, with dishes spanning from crispy octopus to focaccia with stracciatella cheese, and to be enjoyed with a smooth espresso or a cocktail with a Lavazza twist. 

Lavazza flagship store interior

(Image credit: Courtesy of Lavazza)

The bespoke coffee-inspired cocktails extract the rich earthiness of the beans to create a fun alcoholic blend, such as a Milano Mule or a Negroni Cold Brew, all infused with freshly roasted coffee.

Inspired by the original Lavazza store in Italy, the interior emulates Milanese chic, from the decadent rich blues of the interior furnishings to the circular coffee bar. Off the main entrance, there is a dedicated area for table service, with soft seating centred around the focal point of the building: a bespoke art installation coordinated by Daniele Sigalot, celebrating the Carmencita Moka Pot, designed by Marco Zanuso in 1979.

Lavazza coffee pot and cup

(Image credit: Courtesy of Lavazza)

The new Lavazza flagship store blends coffee, art and food, a space in which to enjoy a morning pick-me-up or an afternoon aperitivo.

Tianna Williams is the Editorial Executive at Wallpaper*. Before joining the team in 2023, she has contributed to BBC Wales, Ford UK, SurfGirl Magazine, and Parisian Vibe, with work spanning from social media content creation to editorial. Now, her role covers writing across varying content pillars for Wallpaper*.