During the London Design Festival, Wallpaper* editor-at-large Suzanne Trocmé chaired a debate - un dibattito, in fact - at Istituto Marangoni on London’s Fashion Street. Wallpaper* invited ’maestros’ Giulio Cappellini and Oliver Spencer to discuss further education (Oliver Spencer, it turns out, never had any!), the ever-arching bridge between fashion and design and Cappellini’s new role as ambassador and special consultant for all courses and future initiatives at Marangoni.

Conversations touched on quality product manufacturing versus new design ’stars’ and how super-fast consumption is harming design. ’I was honoured to be part of this important event,’ said Professor Cappellini. ’Italian design is a vital asset for our country and Istituto Marangoni continues to empower its students with the necessary tools to develop their design capabilities and reach their full potential.’  

So, what can Maragoni students look forward to when the new term begins? ’I want to explain to the students that they have to be patient and build their careers step by step, taking great care to treat each new project like a baby,’ said Cappellini. ’Nobody can become famous in six months - it takes a lot of time, dedication and passion to do our job. A student has to learn that to work on design is a great thing. You can show people what you are thinking by making things. A real project needs a lot of time from the first idea to the final product and it is very important to follow every step in product development.’