Curated by the Chicago-based Object Design League in collaboration with the creative team at The Mighty Bearcats - The Promise of this Moment is a new exhibition of work presented to ’augment the every day’ - an appealing sentiment in a time of such unsteady sailing.
Taking shape in a small rented space in downtown Chicago, the brains behind TPOTM have combined a collection of objects designed simply to brighten up those basic, and banal, acts which define everyday life.


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With bright orange traffic cones shaped like geese and coffee mugs bottomed by ashtrays (snappily titled ’Paraphernalia for ritualistic consumption of drugs’), the show’s gentle comedic approach makes for a warm atmosphere.
Stand out pieces include Materious and Greg Bethel’s Adieu - a selection of cast porcelain, decorative table legs designed to sit within a gas fire, and Sara Jacobson’s (Still Life) Platter - a cast porcelain scene featuring still-life staples such as a tipped bowl and cast cloth on which to rest fruit.
Groundbreaking it may not be, but The Promise of this Moment is, as the title suggests, is a well-needed a snippet of light design relief.