The Galerie Lafayette, a Parisian institution for nigh on a century, has long been nurturing the raw creative talents of artists and designers alike.

Galerie Kreo

See more of the Krzentowski’s seminal collection
In turn, the latest pioneering show set to grace its hallowed halls, Today More Than Yesterday and Less Than Tomorrow, is a model collaboration between two of the champions of the design underdog.
The show will present a selection of cherry-picked work from Didier and Clemence Krzentowski’s seminal collection of design. Gradually accumulated over the last thirty years, the vast collection is one of the most influential and comprehensive in the world.
The Lafayette, more specifically La Galerie des Galeries (the top floor of the former), will - from the beginning of this month - host an exhibition of 164 pieces from the Krzentowski’s collection.
Didier and Clemence, with the assistance of their own institution the Gallery Kreo, (now in its tenth year), have accrued some of the most prolific pieces of design ever produced.
The pioneering pair founded Gallery Kreo as a means of supporting, informing and fostering design talent - regularly resulting in creative collaborations between the Krzentowski’s and their countless proteges.
Today more than yesterday and less than tomorrow, will be divided into sections representing 7 domestic locales (kitchen, office, bedroom etc) in order for viewers to appreciate each object in its own ’habitat’.
Resultantly, the fluidity of the Krzentowski’s collective process is made astoundingly evident. Like a living, breathing mass, the collection can, in the words of the gallery, ’never be a finished whole’.
With work by industry heavyweights ranging from Le Corbusier to Hella Jongerius and Marc Newson to Rudolpho Benetto - the array of design on show is set to be a true reflection of the Krzentowski’s enduring passion and, of course, their impeccable taste.