Ceramic artist Barnaby Barford is bringing new life to kitsch porcelain figurines once again at David Gill Galleries this month, with still tableaux from his ingenious film, 'Damaged Goods'.
The film's narrative is decidedly more poignant than his earlier work. Remember Snow White with a boob job and the Victorian family tucking into a bucket of KFC? With its cast of figurines from a junk shop, it tells the tragic love story of a down-at-heel young man's attempt to rescue a beautiful girl trapped by a sinister old miser. A troop of performers aids the hero on his quest.
Despite being an accomplished craftsman (crowned Best Young Designer by Wallpaper* in 2004), Barnaby Barford works primarily with found objects, hacking them up, adding pieces and gluing them back together with unique results. Tradition is reworked, edited and generally turned on its head.

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Damaged Goods was commissioned by Animate Projects and shown on Channel 4 in 2008. It explores notions of forbidden love, materialism and class divisions with an unexpected twist. For David Gill Galleries, Barford has re-created nine scenes from the film. ‘I have taken these characters from conception through the journey of making the film and finally back into being static, stand alone characters,' he says.