Discover Chanel Beauty’s ‘launch of the decade’

N°1 de Chanel is a new line of skincare, fragrance and make-up from Chanel Beauty 

N°1 de Chanel skincare in red bottle
(Image credit: Chanel)

In 2021 Chanel Beauty celebrated the centennial of Chanel No°5, a groundbreaking perfume that forever altered the beauty industry. Now, in 2022, the brand is poised to debut an equally historic, and no less innovative, line of products. 

N°1 de Chanel

N°1 de Chanel is a new range of skincare, fragrance, and make-up that utilises the restorative qualities of the red camellia flower. 

N°1 de Chanel is a new range of skincare, fragrance, and make-up that utilises the restorative qualities of the red camellia flower. 

(Image credit: Chanel)

The standout of the N°1 collection is its skincare, which uses a high concentration of natural camellia extract to combat the primary signs of ageing – namely, visible pores, loss of elasticity, diminished radiance, and wrinkles. 

Notable products include the Red Camellia Revitalising Serum, which is made from 95 per cent ingredients of natural origin, 76 per cent of which are derived from the camellia flower. It can be applied as a primer or used on its own, with a liquid silk texture that instantly moisturises skin and leaves behind a subtle, pearlescent sheen. 

The Revitalising Cream, on the other hand is an especially good match for urbanites who routinely expose their skin to heavy pollution. Applied in the morning, the whipped, cloud-like cream is designed to create a weightless barrier against everyday impurities. Top it off with the Serum-in-Mist, a brightening spray that is also designed to combat pollution and is particularly useful as a midday refresh for those who often have to wear masks for extended periods of time. 

N°1 de Chanel skincare in white bottle

(Image credit: Chanel)

Beyond skincare, N°1 includes a foundation that offers a lightweight, ‘second-skin’ layer of coverage made from 94 per cent natural ingredients that keep skin hydrated for hours. While the dual-purpose Lip and Cheek Balm contains red camellia oil and plant origin wax to create a delicate glimmer of colour. 

The final product of the collection, the N°1 fragrance mist, sees in-house perfumer Olivier Polge design a subtle floral mist that can be applied throughout the day for a restorative, fragrant lift. 

Chanel Beauty N°1 de Chanel red camellia flower

(Image credit: Chanel)

The debut of N°1 de Chanel also marks the brand’s move into more sustainable production practices. Changes include packaging that is 80 per cent glass, the removal of paper leaflets, organic inks used to decorate the bottles, and product lids that contain recycled or bio-sourced materials. Most interesting is the Red Camellia Crème Revitalisante lid, which incorporates camellia seed shell that can be composted after use.

Chanel is calling N°1 its ‘launch of the decade’ and, if our predictions are right, it might just be the 21st century equivalent to the 20th century’s iconic N°5.  


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