A nomadic journey through the desert with Chanel Beauty

Lucia Pica’s S/S 2020 make-up collection is inspired by the Namibian sands

Lipstick and foundation
(Image credit: chanel)

Lucia Pica regularly travels the world in search of inspiration for her colour palette. For S/S 2020, Chanel’s global creative make-up and colour designer has gone on her most ambitious journey so far – to the heart of the ancient desert in Namibia.

‘I was looking for something poetic, like a memory – a natural filter that makes everything look dreamier,’ she says of her latest photographic expedition. Drawn to the uncanny silence of the lunar plains and endless vistas, Pica has distilled the quieter hues of quartzes, basalts and shales into a muted palette of cool browns, mauve, peachy rose and shimmering metallic textures.

Chanel Beauty Namibia

(Image credit: chanel)

‘In the desert, there is almost a universe of one single, dominant color – mauve – which really came to life with the particular photographic process we used’ she says of the ethereal polaroid images which helped her define the collection.

Across 15 pieces – including two eye shadow palettes, and a curation of lipsticks, blushes and nail polishes, Pica brings a soft focus, esoteric mood to S/S 2020 that evokes the quiet contemplation she experienced on her own nomadic trek. Those in search of something a little bolder won’t be disappointed either – the ‘Endless’ and ‘Rouge Brûlant’ lip colours bring plenty of desert heat.


(Image credit: chanel)