Built around the concept of a ‘house as if it was dreaming’, artistic director, graphic designer and all-round innovator Daniel Rossa has attempted to break through the strict architectural dictums that govern institutions such as Hamburg’s Kunsthalle by using the building’s façade as a giant projection screen.
Watch Rossa’s mesmerising projection take shape on Hamburg’s Kunsthalle
Using the blocky visual patterns of the building itself, Rossa plays teasingly with the façade, turning it in on itself, exposing a virtual interior, and causing blocks to protrude and retract at will. Bright geometric shapes flash across the surface before folding out into entirely new façades against Rossa’s latest oversized canvas.
Named Kubik 555, the projection was produced in collaboration with big screen projection company Urban screen GmbH and features - among other hallucinatory expositions - a giant pair of hands massaging the building to produce cubic ripples.
Like a modern M C Escher painting, Rossa has defied the rules of space, geometry and architecture with his hyper-realistic projection - creating a narrative around a building which would otherwise struggle to register with any passers by.