There’s nothing quite like a pared back Christmas decoration to warm the cockles of our tinsel-fatigued hearts, here at Wallpaper*. Lest we forget the true meaning of the day, London-based GraphicDesign& has brought out a gentle ascetic reminder in the form of the ’Three Wise Women’, a trio of tree adornments that pay homage to one of the great bastions of the Catholic faith, the nun.

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Set up by designer Lucienne Roberts and design educator Rebecca Wright to demonstrate how graphic design is connected to ’every subject under the sun’, GraphicDesign& explores everything from Astronomy to Zoology.
’The idea is to try to set up collaboration between graphic designers and experts in various subjects’, says Roberts, who points out that religion was one of the obvious choices because it was such a ’biggie’.
Roberts and Wright have paired artist Ryan Todd with theology specialist Veronica Bennett to tackle and deconstruct the many guises of the nun’s habit, which changes in colour and ornamentation depending on the covent.
Silkscreen-printed in six colours on one side of single micron A5 board, the self-assembly pack is a playful precursor to an upcoming GraphicDesign& Religion title authored by Bennett, entitled ’Looking Good / Decoding the Nun’s Habit’.