The Earth Issue’s Freedom Fundraiser gathers pace

The Earth Issue’s Freedom Fundraiser gathers pace

Ninety global artists have contributed prints to The Earth Issue’s charity fundraiser, which has so far raised in excess of £100,000 to support the Black Lives Matter movement

The Earth Issue – a collective of environmental artists – has launched a charity print sale, created to raise funds for bail contributions and to support organisations fighting for social justice. ‘In response to recent events and the murder of George Floyd at the hands of the police, The Earth Issue and its collaborating artists wish to do our part to support the Black Lives Matter movement,’ they explain. The plan came together ‘in just 48 hours’, writes co-founder Maela Ohana on Instagram, and since going live last week, has raised in excess of £100,000.

One hundred percent of proceeds will be donated to causes associated with the vital movement, initially directed towards the organisations on Bail Funds: George Floyd, and the 4Front Project – a UK based youth organisation that empowers young people to fight for justice, peace and freedom. The Earth Issue will continue to monitor the landscape of organisations in need of funding, and adapt the recipient list as needed every three days ‘based on needs and recommendations from front liners and the civil rights struggle,’ the Earth Issue explains.

London, by Adama Jalloh, 2017, from The Earth Issue Freedom Fundraiser

The first round of contibutitions, announced on 5 June, came from 70 global artists including leading portrait photographer Jack Davison, whose work we spotlight here, Adama Jalloh (who has photographed for The New York Times, FKA Twiggs and Alexander McQueen amongst many others), and renowned artist and past Wallpaper* cover photographer, Harley Weir.

Now, the project continues to gather pace, and 90 artists, both emerging and established, have contributed work so far. They include Vivek Vadoliya, Alex Free, Chieska Fortune Smith, Siam Coy, and Danika Magdelena, whose work can be seen below.

Explore each contributor’s work on The Earth Issue’s Instagram, and website, where prints can be bought for £100. §

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