There’s little we love more than stumbling across a truly talented individual and taking their cause as our own. Such is the case with London-based illustrator, Hellovon, Von to those in the know, who, for the past 3 years has kept us mesmerized with his incredibly beautiful, large-scale sketches.

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Using little more than a pencil, paper and the occasional scrap of masking tape, Von’s drawings do little to deny their conventional artistic roots, but far from drawing us away, we couldn’t be more enthralled.
Utterly captivating, the sketches take birds, beasts and beautiful people as their influence - and Von’s latest Los Angeles-based exhibition looks set to follow suit.
Following a group show back in July, Von’s subsequent solo offering, titled ’Semblance’ will take residence in Culver City’s Cerasoli Gallery until October 14th.
In suitably intricate style, the one-man exhibit will showcase the latest range of Von’s work, including a series of figurative sketches outlining, in his trademark tonal style, the face of a stunning female sitter.
In anticipation of Von’s seminal autumn showing, we’ve managed to get our hands on a time-lapse animation of Von piecing Semblance together, and we thought it only be fair to treat you to a sneak peak.