Located in the tropical landscape of Brumadinho, about an hour away from the city of Belo Horizonte, mining magnate Bernardo Paz has built Inhotim, a contemporary art paradise to house his impressive collection of more than 600 works, scattered between pavilions on 45 hectares. 

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The result is a unique dialogue between art, architecture and nature. ‘Inhotim enables artists to create their most complex projects, exposing them to a museological context that is very different from that found in most museums,’ says curator Rodrigo Moura. ‘We don’t have a building, but many smaller-scale pavilions around a botanical park. This provides the ideal conditions to display the works.’

The collection is reassembled every two years by the curatorial team. With permanent pavilions dedicated to the work of prominent Brazilian artists Cildo Meireles and Tunga, the landscape and remaining pavilions showcase the remaining collection, a combination of Brazilian and International artists including Ernesto Neto, Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster, and Alexandre da Cunha’s among many others.