Located in an isolated residential patch of the Perche countryside in France’s Normandy region, this house is Paris-based Beckmann-N’Thépé’s latest residential project.
Small but perfectly formed and constructed on a tight budget, the building was created as a family holiday home. The design is minimal, with two sole windows cut out on two sides of the structure and a large set of glass doors, balancing out the otherwise blind dark volume. A protruding white frame further highlights the openings, contrasting the cube’s overall black tinted wood cladding.
The Normandy House overlooks the beautiful nearby Belleme Forest and sits on a simple, 50 sq m base. Despite its small footprint, the architects have artfully created a series of airy spaces, including a double-height living area, lit by the garden opening to the south, and a generous loft-style master bedroom.
Additionally, the property is fitted with high quality thermal insulation that significantly improves its energy performance. The result is an efficient home with a quiet minimalism at its core.