Paul McKean hails from Portland, operating out of a small studio that made a national splash with its modest residence in Neal Creek, 2007, perched on a fine site alongside Oregon’s Hood River. Today the office has several major residential works in hand, including the Kopetz Residence, set amidst a wooded landscape in Washington’s Pacific Beach. Utilising a host of pre-fabricated elements - the client runs a steel business - the architect expects the residence to take shape rapidly.
Other works in progress include a house designed for a pair of film buffs; ’it’s designed around the requirements of a 1950s projector,’ says McKean, noting that the residence will also meet rigorous German energy standards. Finally, the firm is taking part in Portland’s ’14 parcels’ development, creating a custom pre-fab in this collection of ’micro lots’, all of which are destined to receive a new bespoke home in the months to come.