The Handmade Issue

There is a sort of creative combustion that happens when you put master craftsmen, expert manufacturers and top-of-their-game designers together in the same place and for the first time. Ideas and intent collide and fuse, and something new and wonderful can take shape. And playing God can be addictive. So the Handmade issue is back. With a bang.

Here, we chronicle these unique designs, as well as step through the doors of the Brioni House in Milan, to see them all on show at our exhibition held during this year’s Salone del Mobile. Plus, we watch some of them come to life on video, hear from some of the makers and look at some of the stories behind the products’ conception.

Our print edition showcases 2011’s Handmade projects on no fewer than eight different paper stocks in nine weights, including five special papers courtesy of Italian paper producer Fedrigoni

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