Tiaras for hire: add a regal edge to bridal wear

Be a princess for a day. Antique and contemporary tiaras are now available to rent from Hancocks, London

Diamond and pearl tiara against a pale grey background
(Image credit: Hancock)

Tiaras, with their tantalising regal connotations, have long appealed to both high society and a host of designers who are drawn to their glamorous undertones. After an engagement ring, they are a popular choice for brides keen to add a sparkly frisson to wedding attire.

Now, tiaras are more accessible than ever thanks to London-based vintage and contemporary jewellery purveyor Hancocks, which has announced that its collection of historic tiaras are available for hire. The traditional antique tiaras in the Burlington Arcade store include Victorian diamond and pearl pieces, as well as contemporary showstoppers such as a tremblant diamond and platinum floral tiara.

Delicate diamond tiara on a pale grey background

(Image credit: Hancock)

‘We have seen such a marked rise in interest in tiaras over the last year or so that it felt like the right time to begin offering this service to our clients,’ says Hancocks’ director Guy Burton. ‘It is something Hancocks did historically and now, with [pandemic-related] restrictions easing and weddings back on the cards, it made sense to us to revisit this.’

After a subdued year, Hancocks anticipates a full return to the glamour of which we have been so deprived, and is all set to indulge us. Its wide selection encompasses eras and styles: ‘All our tiaras are beautifully designed and made, and there is real scope in terms of style and period. Craftsmanship and condition are always at the forefront of our minds when buying, and we look for versatility as well – can the tiara be converted into a necklace, for example, or brooches – and it has to be comfortable to wear of course,’ says Burton.

Tiaras are reasonably priced and available to hire for a 24-hour period, making them the perfect addition to a wedding dress or perhaps just an extravagant night on the town. Hancocks’ collection is ever-evolving. ‘We are always on the lookout for tiaras to add to the collection and will buy them whenever we find ones that fulfil our criteria. We buy from the trade as well as private clients, and have a global network of sources, built up over decades in the business.’

Large diamond flower tiara against a pale grey background

(Image credit: Hancock)


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