Hear, hear! The best earrings for unpierced ears

With jewellers creating a plethora of creative new options, long gone are the days when a piercing gun was the prerequisite for chic earrings

Two images of woman's earrings for unpierced ears. Left, Phase ear cuff and right, Swerve ear cuff both by Faris
Left, Phase ear cuff and right, Swerve ear cuff; both Faris
(Image credit: press)

A visit to a piercing salon was once a milestone event; a rite of passage that opened up endless jewellery options which had previously been inaccessible. Now, with new jewellery trends comes design ingenuinity, and over the last few years jewellers have mastered a multitude of ways in which sleek and sensual earrings can be worn, with or without a piercing. Those of us who haven't braved the piercing gun used to be resigned to fusty, heavy clip-ons, but today's options are both comfortable to wear and oh so very chic. Whether they clip on, cuff round or coil seductively over the coils of an ear, earrings for unpierced ears are better than they have ever been.


Woman's earring for unpierced ears. A gold hook with a string of different sized white pearls hanging from it.

(Image credit: acchitto.it)

Have fun with Acchitto's irreverent brand of fashion jewellery, which plays with oversized silhouettes and joyful materials for accessories comfortable and enjoyable to wear. The Mono earcuff traces the curve of the ear, hooking round the back and studding the jaw with a turquoise crystal. From the earlobe falls a vintage-inspired shower of Swarovski cream pearls which move with the wearer, making for a show-stopping statement with none of the fuss.


Melissa Kaye

Woman's earring for unpierced ears by Melissa Kaye. A black and gold hook with diamond on the bottom of it.

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Melissa Kaye subverts traditional fine jewellery concepts by playing with unexpected colours - vivid bolts of neon are a favourite - and forms. The perfect semi-circle of her ear cuff punctuates a black enamel curve with a single diamond for a cool take on the trend.


Tada & Toy

Woman's earring for unpierced ears by Tada & Toy. A pink hoop with different colour gem stones embedded into it.

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If it's a quick and fun update to your ear curation you are after, you can't beat London-based jewellery brand Tada & Toy. Their extensive collection of ear cuffs come in a rainbow of hues - pile them up the ear for maximum impact. It makes an easy update to your everyday look.


Woman's earring for unpierced ears by Nomis. Two ear rings with green gemstones clipped onto the side and top of the ear and a silver one with diamonds on curving around the front of the ear.

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Alyona Kiperman of jewellery brand Nomis plays with our concepts of modern jewellery, adding a multi-functionality to all her pieces to ensure it's easy to switch things up. Each adornment can be an earring, a necklace, a ring or a bracelet and is worn in an unexpected way: these earrings, curving around the back of the ear, are the accessory you didn't know you needed. 


Woman's earring for unpierced ears by Faris. Two silver ear cuffs, one at the top of the ear and the other at the bottom.

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Faris du Graf explores the possibilities of space for her eponymous jewellery brand. Her range of ear cuffs present new ways to adorn the ear, with slender bronze or sterling silver wire either twisting round the top of the ear, pretzel-like, or fully encasing the lobe for a more dramatic statement.

Saskia Diez

Woman's earring for unpierced ears by Saskia Diez. Ear cuff made of a gold frame and a round clear stone.

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The Bold collection of earcuffs from Saskia Diez brings together semi-precious stones including rose quartz, clear rock crystal (pictured) and agate in pops of bright yellow and blue. For a more understated choice, the sculptural circles of the gold-plated Bold Wire are an elegant play on the whorls of the ear.

Monies at Dover Street Market

Woman's earring for unpierced ears by Monies. Clip on earrings made of two segments of white bone one larger than the other.

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Danish jewellery brand Monies combines a love of unconventional materials with oversized dimensions for jewels that are both fun to wear and affordable. Skimming the jaw, these clip-on earrings in white bone epitomise their playful philosophy.


Woman's earring for unpierced ears by Numbering. Ear cuffs in different sizes plated with gold or silver.

(Image credit: press)

By tweaking the classic ear cuff silhouette, Seoul-based jewellery brand Numbering bring something new to the trend. Their gold and silver-plated brass earcuffs, designed to hug the lobe, upsize traditional proportions for bold results.


Woman's earring for unpierced ears by Katkim. A large silver swirling ear cuff with diamantes on it.

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In a delicate swirl of 18K yellow gold, white gold or rose gold, the Arena Diamond ear cuff from Katkim is an elegant adornment for unpierced ears. Worn to circle round the front and back of the ear, it is punctuated by a single diamond appearing to float under the earlobe.


Woman's earring for unpierced ears by Bonvo. Gold ear cuff made of three segments and a string of pearls.

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Clean lines and simple shapes characterise Bonvo’s jewellery, as seen in the Hola Pearl ear cuff which brings together traditional elements. An extra golden hoop and a line of pearls are an optional embellishment, removed or added as the mood takes you.

Prada at Farfetch

Woman's earring for unpierced ears by Prada. Chunky clip earrings in red metal with a rhinestone.

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More is most definitely more when it comes to Prada’s chunky clip earrings in bold red metal and PVC. With a discreet clip fastening disguised by rhinestones, you would never guess these aren’t the real deal.



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