Listen up: Apple AirPod jewellery will bring joy to your digital life

Jewellers are experimenting with new ways to embellish your Apple AirPods

Digital lives have become all-encompassing
(Image credit: Mara Paris)

Apple AirPods have quickly become an everyday essential. After a year of lockdowns, our digital lives have become all-encompassing – now, jewellers have unveiled the different ways we can make the tech and accessories we use every day more aesthetically pleasing.

Mara Paris

Woman wearing an airpod with pearls dangling round it

(Image credit: Mara Paris)

For architect Ayça Özbank Taşkan, functionality is at the heart of the Pod Cuff Ear Cuff design. With a chain and a rubber grip inside the holding ring ensuring the AirPod stays firmly in place, you won’t be worrying about it slipping out with this sterling silver accessory. Worn with or without AirPods, with the chain dangling or loose, it will make for an elegant ear adornment. The new collection adds an extra functionality, holding both your glasses and your AirPods in one fluid loop.

Sawa Life

Sawa Life bring joy to everyday tech

(Image credit: Sawa Life)

Kenya-based fashion tech accessory brand Sawa Life works with female artisans in Kibera to create charging bracelets, airpod neckstraps and charging cords from upcycled beads and repurposed magazines. The resulting pieces are colourful and fun - this necklace in bold hues will appeal to those who prefer their earphones with wires. 

Fendi x Chaos

Fendi x Chaos airpods holder

(Image credit: Fendi x Chaos)

Teeny-tiny little handbag or tongue-in-cheek AirPods holder? Technically, it’s the latter, but we wouldn’t blame you for wanting to use this to store your tiniest valuables and sling it over your finger. The result of the second collection from Fendi and Chaos, this AirPods holder in cheerful pastel blue brings the playful edge tech storage is lacking.


Bijules air pod

(Image credit: Bijules)

Jules Kim, the designer behind Bijules, has created a collection of AirPod jewellery made to be stacked, or worn simply to secure the AirPod in place. Classic hoops, dangling pearls or sculpted swirls of gold created from recycled jewellery are an easy way to embellish ubiquitous tech.

Vibe Harsløf


(Image credit: Vibe Harsløf)

Danish designer Vibe Harsløf creates AirPod jewellery in sterling silver - with or without 18 karat gold-plating - which are designed to neatly cover up your AirPods. Extra embellishments such as freshwater pearls, dangling golden links or handy chains will add a cheerful edge to a day plugged in to Zoom.



(Image credit: Misho)

‘Personally, I believe the most successful pieces of design are those that combine form, function and aesthetics,’ says Suhani Parekh, creative director of jewellery brand Misho. A background of working with sculpture is evident in her jewellery designs which build on simple foundations – an interrupted hoop here, a thickly knitted chain there. And now: AirPod jewellery.

 Like all good design Parekh’s Pod earrings, designed to hold AirPods in place, came about after she noticed a need for them. ‘I was often afraid my AirPods would simply pop out and I would end up losing them. I loved the minimal wireless look but I had a really hard time styling them with my earrings – they didn't quite come together.’

Over lockdown, life became more digital and Parekh designed a solution. ‘The concept was to make it seamless, where the earrings were made to not only look great with the AirPods but also help support them, hold them in place and catch them if they slipped out of the ears. Since you don't wear them constantly I wanted to make sure the process of taking them on and off was effortless.’ 

The Pebble Pods, in gold-plated sterling silver, can be worn with or without the AirPods in what is a chic example of fuss-free, adaptable design.

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