Diamonds are the star of the show in a striking Richard Mille watch

The Richard Mille RM 037 Red Gold Snow Set watch features an onyx and diamond dial

black Richard Mille RM 037 watch with diamonds round the dial
RM 037 Red Gold Snow Set with onyx and diamond dial, price on request, by Richard Mille
(Image credit: Ivona Chrzastek)

High jewellery craftsmanship meets horological expertise in the Richard Mille RM 037. Crafted in a deep red gold, the diamonds here take centre stage in a dazzling display of the brand’s mastery of gem-setting. Diamonds are snow-set, meaning they appear to have come to rest on the dial almost haphazardly in a seemingly random pattern of diameters, from 0.5-1.6mm. 

Catching the light just like snowflakes, they are brilliantly brought to life when set against the deep onyx dial. It’s an alluring foil for the sharp technicality at the heart of the watch, which marries an accomplished movement and familiar design motifs, with the distinctive elongated curve and exposed screws nodding to the watch’s more traditionally masculine beginnings.

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